New Masons

Masons in their early years in Freemasonry are important to the Province of Durham. We want you to be a member of a Lodge but also to feel a part of the Province. We are on a journey with common values that bring us together and we want to support you as you grow in Freemasonry.

We have set up a Durham New Masons Forum, with the initial aim of learning what it is that you need as you assimilate yourself into life as a Freemason.

Our New Masons Forum focus groups will give you a say and allow us to consider what has worked and not worked in the past as well as to review what others are doing in the other Provinces around the country.

Our ultimate aim is to build a vibrant and fulfilling experience for our early years Masons, with a sense of belonging which will sustain them in years to come on their Masonic journey. Watch this space.

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