Whitworth L1932

Who are we?

In 1881, there were some 25 masons resident in the Spennymoor area. For some reason or other only 7 of these 25 took on themselves the proposition of forming the first Lodge in Spennymoor known as the “Whitworth Lodge”.

Most of the masons resident in Spennymoor joined the Lodge early as forming masons, including Robert Duncombe SHAFTO 

There is no date on the Petition which was recommended by the Norman Lodge 1334. Seven signatories signed the petition namely:

Charles Edmund Barnes, SOLICITOR, Norman 1334 I.P.M.

Robert Duncombe SHAFTO, GENTLEMAN, Marquis of Granby 124 M.M

William Henry Turner, DRAPER, Marquis of Granby 124 M.M

James Turner, CLERK, Marquis of Granby 124 M.M

Rev. John Gaskell, CLERK IN HOLY ORDERS, Lion 312 M.M.

JOHN HESLOP, TAILOR, Wear Valley 1121 M.M.

William B. Bolland, BANK MANAGER, Industry 48 M.M.

of whom (1, 3, 6) ultimately occupied the chair of Worshipful Master.

The Warrant granted was dated 8th of August 1881 naming Charles Edmund Barnes as Worshipful Master Robert Duncombe SHAFTO as Senior Warden and William Henry Turner as Junior Warden, and empowering them to meet on the 2nd Wednesday, of each month in the NORTH EASTERN HOTEL Spennymoor. 

The Lodge was consecrated in the hotel on Thursday 29th September 1881, by the Rt Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Charles J. T. Fawcett. 

We currently have 21 subscribing members from different professional backgrounds, and we would like to meet prospective candidates who, are eager individuals, who wish to learn more about freemasonry, improve their knowledge and fulfil their potential.

What we do

We are an old Masonic Lodge who takes considerable pride in following the traditions and rituals of Freemasonry. We believe and practice the principles of brotherly love, relief and truth. We encourage and help our members to get involved in the running of the Lodge, start learning, improve their abilities in performing the work we need to do in our Lodge meetings, and regularly visit our older members. 

Charity is an important part of our activities. We help individuals and groups in financial need or for a special project. We also raise money for national charities. 

Why join us?

If you are an individual who cares for others, are willing to learn new skills in order to improve yourself and gain confidence in life?

If you are willing to give and share your time with others in working for the same goal?  

If you believe in and practice INTEGRITY, FRIENDSHIP, RESPECT and CHARITY?

Then please contact our Secretary on whitworthlodge1932@btinternet.com 

We would like to meet you.

When we meet

Our meetings usually start at 6.45pm and finish around 10.00pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month but June, August and November. 

The Installation ceremony takes place in September.


Joining fee: £100

Lodge subscriptions: £135

Typical dining fee: £10 – £12


facilities at Spennymoor Masonic Hall


Dundas Street, Spennymoor, Co. Durham, DL16 6AS

Hall information

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Lodges that meet here


There is ample FREE parking available outside and behind the Masonic Hall, as well as in the nearby Town Hall parking area. 


Spennymoor Masonic Hall is on Dundas Street, the entrance to which is directly opposite the Town Hall main entrance.


Double doors


There are emergency exits from all ground floor rooms evacuating to level ground outside the building.


There is a stair lift for access to the Lodge room on the first floor.


There are gents, ladies and disabled toilets on the ground floor and a ladies’ toilet on the first floor.


The entrance is into a hallway which leads to dining room and lounge/bar area on the ground floor and stairs (and stair lift) to the Lodge room on the first floor. 


There is a stair lift for access to the Lodge room on the first floor.

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