Vulcan L5757

Who are we?

Vulcan Lodge was the second Masonic lodge to be formed at Blackhill. It was consecrated on 26th November 1938 and continues to this day as a friendly and vibrant lodge. It bears the name of the Roman God of the furnace, the forge, and metal working – depicted on our lodge badge – and emphasises the lodge’s roots in the steelmaking and metal working industries for which the whole of the Consett area became justly and
proudly famous.

Our founders were, obviously, a tenacious and determined group of men, some of whom had businesses in the town, as the first five years of the lodge’s existence were blighted by the outbreak and trauma of the Second World War. Five of our lodge members saw active war service in which Bro. Ronald Green was unfortunately killed in action and Bro. H. 0. Guest and Bro W. Williamson were reported as ‘missing in action’.

In 1961 our lodge forged links with Vulcan Lodge No 4510 in Middlesbrough and the two lodges have exchanged Fraternal Visits every year for the past 60
years. This eventually led to links being formed, by both lodges, with two other Vulcan Lodges, No 3810 in London, and No 4382 in Derbyshire. The first
meeting of all four lodges took place at Blackhill on Thursday 18th September l997, and has since rotated in each lodge every four years.

Freemasonry engenders a strong sense of fellowship and commitment in its members and Vulcan Lodge is a prime example of this as we have several members who have stayed with us for well over 50 years. We have others who maintain their memberships from Denmark, France, New Zealand and several towns throughout the British Isles.

As we approach our 85th anniversary we look forward to a bright and distinguished future.

Why join us?

Becoming a Freemason requires no formal qualifications in respect of religion, education, ethnicity or financial status. The essential qualifications however

A) You will be the full age of 18 years.

B) A sincere wish to be part of a welcoming and fraternal society that embraces the need to support charitable concerns including those in the local community.

C) To believe in or acknowledge the existence of a supreme being without prescription.

Should you feel that you would like to learn more about, or to join, Freemasonry in general or the Vulcan Lodge then please direct your interest and enquiries to ANY member of the lodge.

When we meet

Third Thursday January – June and September to December.

The annual meeting to install the Master is in January each year. We usually meet to rehearse on either 2nd Thursday or 3rd Monday in the week before each meeting.


Joining fee: £75

Lodge subscriptions: £105

Typical dining fee: £8 – £10


Philip J Barsack

facilities at Blackhill Masonic Hall


St. Aidan Freemasons Hall, 30 Laburnum Ave, Blackhill, Consett DH8 5TD

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall ///alone.drill.cloth Additional information

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Road car park at rear of building.


Off main road.


Flat, ramp to door.


Exits clearly marked in accordance to current requirements.


Good ramp to entrance.


Easily accessible downstairs.


One flight of stairs to temple.


 Lift to landing, few steps to temple.

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