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University Scheme in Full Swing | Durham Freemasons

The Assistant Provincial Grand Master Clinton Leeks paid a visit to Porta Episcopi Lodge in Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, London just before Christmas last year to witness an incredibly special event, 3” alumni” of Universities Lodge in the province of Durham were installed/invested as the 3 principal officers of the Lodge.

Louis Richardson who was initiated into Universities Lodge in 2013 was installed as the Master. Louis then invested Andrew Lloyd, initiated in 2014 as his Senior Warden and George Jackson, initiated in 2017 as his Junior Warden. All 3 were former University of Durham students and are a testament to the success of the scheme, set up by the United Grand Lodge of England.

This is a terrific example of how University students who participate in the scheme can continue their masonic journey in the future and at a new location, retaining interest and the connections made during their studies.

The photos show Louis, Andrew, and George in one, and Louis with his grandfather in the other.

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