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The Provincial Grand Chapter of Durham Royal Arch Festival Month

The Provincial Grand Chapter of Durham is holding a Royal Arch Festival month from mid-March until mid-April 2024.

A fantastic number of events are being held across the Province, with a view to promoting the Royal Arch and its direct link to Craft Masonry.

These events include:

The Keystone Connection

The Grand Superintendent of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Durham and the Provincial Grand Master of the Mark talk about the Royal Arch and the Mark Degree.

The Ceremony of the Veils

A Presentation to be given by The Provincial Grand Chapter of Durham and the Companions of Tees Chapter No. 509. This ancient ceremony is seldom seen in English Chapters, and it is a year since it was last presented in Durham.  ‘The Ceremony of Passing the Veils’ was an integral part of the Royal Arch ceremony and was practised as a preliminary to the Exaltation ceremony. In 1834 the basis of the current ceremonies was established and agreed by Supreme Grand Chapter and the ‘Ceremony of the Veils’ stopped being practised thereafter. The ceremony can be demonstrated once annually by a Province, so this is a rare opportunity to witness something that at one time was an integral part of our Masonic Heritage.

Talking Heads

A couplet play between a new Master Mason and a Royal Arch Companion explaining the Royal Arch in the ante room whilst getting ready for their Lodge meeting.

Royal Arch Roadshows

A presentation by the Provincial team about the origins of the Royal Arch and the splendour of its ceremonies.

Adding More Theatre to the Principal Sojourner’s Story

The Provincial team act out in more detail the Principal Sojourner’s journey in the Royal Arch ceremony.

Discover More

An event for prospective members interested in joining the Royal Arch.

Please check the events page for further details and how to book your place.

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