The Members’ Pathway

The Member's Pathway Wheel infographic, simplifies the core activities Lodges can follow to attract, introduce and encourage potential new members, whilst at the same time retaining and adding value to the existing membership.

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Members Pathway pages of the Provincial Website. We plan to build a resource for our members to assist you in your endeavours towards “Attracting Members – Growing your Lodge”. 

We will aim to add resources which will help your Membership Team to understand your Lodge, and its needs, and suggest ways to engage your Membership in the life of your Lodge. 

The Members’ Pathway provides a toolkit of good practice for Brethren to use in their Lodges and is a continuous process of Lodge Planning, Membership Attraction, Engagement and of Lodge Re-Engagement. It is a suite of ideas which have been developed from good practices already in operation across UGLE and seeks to provide tools to allow us to Attract Members and Grow Lodges.

The key to successfully using the Members’ Pathway in your Lodge is to establish a Lodge Membership Team so that, as a group, you can work to Engage and have fun with current members, work to retrieve those members whose attendance may have lapsed or might have left but could potentially be encouraged back if his or the Lodge circumstances have changed and by reviewing and learning how your Lodge works best.

Your Team may consist of your Lodge Membership Officer, Lodge Mentor, Lodge Almoner, the Secretary and Director of Ceremonies. This however is not a complete list of those who may need to be involved and the most successful Lodges seem to be those who involve the whole membership in their decision making. 

Any Brother can access the Members’ Pathway via the b.ugle website which can be used as a resource or library of information to help you in achieving your goals as a member. There are many resources available to assist you, but we would suggest the key ones are the following;

Members’ Pathway Resources

We have collected together a number of resources which will assist you in developing a greater understanding of The Members’ Pathway.

Why is the Members’ Pathway so important?

Why is the members' pathway so important

This document explains the importance of the Members’ Pathway, the UGLE and the Durham strategy and why it is essential for all of us, every Mason, to be involved. Indeed, the Pro Grand Master, is keen that this strategy is rolled out to all our members.

Members’ Pathway Level 2 Quick Start Guide

Members' Pathway Level 2 Quick Start Guide

If this is the first time you are learning about the Members’ Pathway, this .pdf booklet may be useful which explains the four areas and gives practical advice about how they interlink.

Members Pathway Keys

Members' pathway keys

This .pdf provides quick and easy access to all the Pathway resources and is highly recommended – Access Keys to Navigate the Members’ Pathway

Members’ Pathway; A Recipe for Success


Developing a plan and utilising the tools is an effective technique to explore ways to attract new members. Ideas about how to get started with Lodge Planning and setting up your Lodge Membership Team can be found in this booklet.


bUGLE The Future of Freemasonry is the central Pathway website and contains all the resources and more advice.

Providing our members with the tools to ensure UGLE’s long term future by building a positive reputation for Freemasonry in society today, and by helping to attract and retain quality members.


Solomon website

Solomon should by now be familiar to you all and is recommended as one of the first sites that Initiates are directed to after their First Degree in addition to receiving their Mentoring Booklet – It contains a wealth of information developed as a Virtual Learning Environment and a platform for delivering individual learning as well as for using and sharing material in a Lodge or Chapter.

If you haven’t already registered, you will find a ‘Getting Started with Solomon’ tab to help you on the front page.