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The Importance of Visitors! | Durham Freemasons

February’s meeting of Sunderland Lodge proved the importance of visiting in all our lodges. What started as a normal regular meeting, raising a Fellowcraft, were endanger of being postponed due to some key officers having to put in last minute apologies due to sickness and work commitments.

The Master, Jim McVay and the Director of Ceremonies, Peter Johnson, both acted quickly on the night by requesting assistance from a strong contingency of fraternal visitors from the Seaham lodges, therefore allowing the ceremony that evening to go ahead as planned.

To cap the night off, Jack Simm, visiting from Nautilus lodge, presented Jim McVay with a Sunderland lodge, Founders’ jewel, which he had bought online whilst looking around for other Masonic memorabilia for his own collection. Jack said ‘’I wanted to see it returned to its rightful home”


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