The Haven of Rest L4350

Who are we?

Haven of Rest (4350), which has recently celebrated its centenary birthday, is a vibrant and progressive masonic lodge with a young core membership. The progressive lodge officers positions are currently filled with masonically young men with an average age of 43, making it an attractive prospect for young professional men who would prefer a lodge at the end of the working week which also allows for the weekend family time to be uninterrupted. With a good mix of youth and experience Haven of Rest Lodge boasts dedication to the pillars of freemasonry, whilst allowing the social and personal enjoyments of members to work in partnership with their family and social responsibilities. The lodge feels this gives its members a more well rounded appreciation of freemasonry and how it makes better masons and therefore better men. This dynamic of the lodge puts it in quite a unique position for the individuals who wish to join masonry later in life, or perhaps to return to masonry following a break, due to its diverse demographics. 

The lodge has both 100 years of proud tradition and history whilst boasting a membership which is progressive in nature. This can be seen on all sides of the lodge room and helpsfoster a ‘something for everyone’ mantra with a wide range of ideas and opinions on both life and masonic topics.

Why join us?

If you are an unattached mason and have been thinking or re-engaging with the craft, why not come as unattached to some of our lodges and see the above for yourself.If you would like to know more about the lodge or how to join (or re-join), please contact the lodge Membership Officer – W.Bro Matthew Pearce Email

When we meet

The first Friday of each month with a summer recess during July and August.


Joining fee: £82.80, 50% reduction for under 25 year old joining members.

Lodge subscriptions: £140.00 Payable 1st March each year, payable pro rata when you join at any other time of the year.

Typical dining fee: £15


Dennis Carter, Secretary.

facilities at Hartlepool Raby Masonic Hall


Raby Road,  Hartlepool TS24 8AH

Hall information

Directions Google Maps W3W ///orbit.cases.taped Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


A mix of parking is available directly adjacent the building and on-street in near proximity, with permit-only parking spaces free for use after 6pm.

The dedicated parking on tarmac around the building is monitored; members car registration must be logged with the co-ordinator.


Ramp to main entrance which is wide enough for wheel chair access.


The main entrance has video doorbell entry.


Emergency exits are sign posted. Defibrolator located outside adjacent the main entrance.


We welcome everyone and we will always be ready to lend a helping hand when required. Many of our meeting places were built before disabilities were fully considered; and our building has been adapted to help. The brethren will always help each other to participate in enjoying our masonry.


Male, female, and disabled toilets.


All one level on the ground floor with access to stairs and lift to all floors.


Stair case and Lift to temple and dining room.

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