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The Clay Pigeon Shoot, at Thimbleby Saturday 9th September 2023

Durham Freemason Allan Stokoe the shoot organiser, on behalf of the Kairos Surgical Alliance LLP, wishes to thank you all for your support, be that as a shooter, a sponsor or the buyer of a raffle ticket.

Saturday enabled us to raise, £3,793.64 for Kairos, of which £3,500 had already been committed to the purchase a stainless-steel jig urgently needed, by the surgeons, to accurately realign the hips of infants with genetic deformities of the hip.

Allan has have no doubt that the children who will benefit for their free operations, and the realigning of their hips will always remember you and their surgeon in their prayers.
Over the past three years he has committed himself to raising money for charities such as Kairos, and Saturday was no different; simply the culmination of three months hard work, and with support from people such as yourselves I have now raised and donated just under £75,000.

Finding a charity in need of support, is not easy, but then life is never easy, but this year finding a shooting ground that had spare capacity to was hard.
Even harder still was finding 24 businesses and generous people to sponsor the shoot, but the hardest part was finding 42 people such as yourselves, and if it had not been for people such as, Mrs Gillian Hayler, and Fred Smith, this year may never have happened.

Allan is particularly grateful to The Provincial Grand Master, Paul John Thompson who acted as the recruiting sergeant to rally and muster Durham Freemasons, and finally, our gunsmith and professional shooting instructor, Ian Meadley who gave up his Saturday to ensure that all the novices were safely instructed and enjoyed themselves.

As for the weather we could not have asked for it to have been any better.

Top Gun – Martin Jameson with 42 kills out of 50 Top Lady Gun – Mrs Sheila Jackson with 40 kills out of 50 Top Novice – John Butcher with 19 kills out of 50
Thank you all once again.

Stronger Together

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