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A Sad Night for St Helen’s Royal Arch Chapter

On Thursday 14th September, the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal Excellent Companion David Hanson attended St Helen’s Royal Arch Chapter No.531 at Raby Road, Hartlepool.

The Chapter was opened by the three principals, Z – Excellent Companion Dennis McIndoe, H – Excellent Companion Terry Potter and J – Ian Toy. After the minutes the Provincial Deputy Grand Director of ceremonies announced that the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal was at the door of the Chapter.

Excellent Companion David was welcomed into the Chapter by the three principals, there then followed a proposition from the Scribe E. Excellent Companion Neil Syres that any remaining Chapter funds be donated to the HMBA charitable account. After the proposition proved successful, he then gave a brief history of the Chapter, which was well received by those present.

The next business of the evening was to vote on surrendering the warrant of the Chapter, which proved, with a heavy heart from the companions of the chapter, successful.

A notably upset first principal, Excellent Companion Dennis, passed the warrant to the 2nd Provincial Grand Principal Excellent Companion David.

David then read out the following words:

“With the closing of the volume and the opening of a door think not this Chapter has ended, think what has gone before.

Remember all those worthy men who as Masons came, and who developed love and skill and worked in friendship’s name.

When you take up the labourer’s tools, to gently put aside, think not their work has ended, think; how they were applied.

Remember well the lessons taught, to Companions tried and true, of Principals worthy of the name and their sash of crimson and blue.

When your Pedestal is covered and the tools laid at rest, think not their teaching ended, think more a message blessed.

Remember the special meaning to Companions all, of rebirth and life and learning and waiting for the call.

With the sounding of the sceptres and as the lights at last go out,think not your Chapter has ended, dispel all lingering doubt.

Zerubbabel, Haggai, Joshua, remember as you depart, your Chapter will live forever, in every Companion’s heart.”

The Provincial Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies asked the companions to stand, then Excellent Companion David paraded the warrant around the room halting by the entrance.

The companions then retired passing the warrant with silence and dignity to the festive board to enjoy a happy end to very poignant evening, in the knowledge that the members of the Chapter were moving on to other Royal Arch Chapters within the Province of Durham.

Stronger Together

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