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Pele Tower Reflections | Durham Freemasons

Although Tuesday 3 rd January 2022 will be recorded as a sad day, with the 100-year-old Pele Tower Lodge meeting for the last time to surrender its warrant to the Provincial Grand Master, the fact is that the night will be remembered for the positive outlook of the remaining members and that one of their number, John Kerrison, the Master of the Lodge was celebrating 50 years of continuous service to freemasonry.

The night commenced with a packed lodge room to welcome the Provincial Grand Master, John Thompson, and a small deputation of key Provincial Officers. After the usual greetings John Thompson took to the floor with John Kerrison the Master, to lament on 50 years of freemasonry enjoyed by John since his Initiation all those years ago. The entire Kerrison family has strong links in freemasonry and John recalled the many peaks and humorous events that had occurred during his time in the Craft and Chapter.

The Provincial Secretary, Tom Gittins, recited the certificate after which John presented it to John congratulating him on his momentous achievement. John thanked the Provincial Grand Master, and the brethren present stating how proud he was to receive it.

The lodge secretary, Tom McIntosh, then went through the process of winding up the lodge business before the Master officially handed over the warrant of the lodge to John, with dignity and respect. John replied that although the ceasing of Pele Tower as a lodge is sad, it should not stop the lodge members from enjoying their freemasonry, wherever that might be, and he wished them happiness and good health in their efforts.

John, accompanied by Tom Gittins then paraded the warrant around the lodge room for all to see, resting near the door to allow all to see it one last time while departing the room.

The festive board was splendidly laid out, and with everyone seated it looked a fitting place for this special night.

The Provincial Grand Master rose to quote the following. “Freemasonry cannot stand still. That way lies stagnation, not progress. As Pele Tower encouraged development in its immediate area, so must freemasonry continue to exert a positive and constructive influence. As we are constantly reminded in our ritual, freemasonry cannot and must not hide its light under a bushel. It has nothing to be ashamed of, on the contrary, it has so much to be proud of, and it is its duty, by precept and above all by example, to share this with others. Times will change, but it is freemasonry’s paramount duty to ensure that as far as it is concerned, that change will be for the better. Remember the crest of Pele Tower Lodge and find in it the encouragement and inspiration to see you triumphantly in your future endeavors. We give you our best wishes for that journey.”

A splendid waitress served meal followed enjoyed by all, during which Tom McIntosh, on behalf of the brethren presented a “special bottle” in congratulations to John on his 50 years’ service to freemasonry. John in his reply thanked the brethren and related a humorous story related to that “special bottle”.

In conclusion, a night to fondly remember a fine lodge and to congratulate one of its members on his special night.

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