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Newest OSM Province Celebrates Golden Jubilee

At the amalgamation of the OSM Provinces of Durham and Northumberland in July 2023 into the North-East Province the inscription on a ceremonial sword “presented by R W Bro W Robinson PGV on the occasion of the constitution of N-E Province 17th October 1973” inspired members to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that event.

The Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler RWyBro John David Watts therefore led the first full provincial visit of the reconstituted province to Wudcester Conclave at Ashington on 24th October 2023, the first possible meeting after the anniversary on 17th.

20 Acting Provincial Officers supported by 11 members of the Provincial Arch of Steel witnessed second degree candidate Bro Andrew Charles Jennings (Mark DepGDC) become a Prince of the Order in a ceremony well delivered by SR WyBro Paul Dunning. 

At the festive board which followed three Past Provincial Supreme Rulers of the Northumberland and Durham Provinces formed in April 2002, RWyBros John Warham, Kenneth Embleton and Colin Hume assisted John Watts to use the ceremonial sword and cut a celebration cake.

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