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Grand Rank Appointments 2024 | Durham Freemasons

The Provincial Grand Master/Grand Superintendent is pleased to announce that the Grand Master/First Grand Principal has been pleased to appoint to and promote in Grand Rank a number of Durham members, These ranks will become effective at the April 2024 meetings of UGLE and the Annual Investitures of Grand Officers to be held on the Wednesday 24th and 25th April, at Freemasons’ Hall in London.

We are extremely proud of all of them all and look forward to seeing them adorned in their new regalia and insignia when they return to our Lodges and Chapters.

Billingham Masonic Hall

Receiving First Appointments

David John ATKINSON         – PAGDC

Roderick Andrew SCOTT     – PAGDC

David DORWARD     – PGStB

Promoted to Past Grand Sword Bearer:

John David WATTS         – PGSwdB

Promoted to Senior Grand Deacon:

Dr Rakesh BHALLA     – SGD

Promoted to Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies

Martin RANKIN     – AGDC

Promoted to Past Junior Grand Deacon:

Thomas Fred GITTINS     – PJGD

Hearl Roger LENTON  (nominated by YWR) – PJGD

Receiving First Appointments:

Stewart Kunzmann BELL      – PGStB

Nigel FALLOW               – PGStB

Peter Garland WILKIE           – PGStB

Promoted to Past Assistant Grand Sojourner:

Stanley FITCHES, MBE        – PAGSoj

We congratulate them all on their respective preferment in recognition of their commitment and dedication to Freemasonry and wish them the best of health and happiness………….to continue to enjoy their Freemasonry.


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Provincial Grand Master’s / Grand Superintendent’s Christmas Message

Dear Brethren and Companions,

It is with great thanks and appreciation that I look back over 2023 and another year as the head of the Freemasons of Durham, a role I carry out with immense pride.

Many thanks to you all for the support you have given to me and our team as we continue to implement those changes which will take our Province forward.

Some of our Lodges and Chapters have felt the need to return their warrants this year with much sadness but also with great dignity. A task forced by many reasons including the low numbers, and increasing costs due to the economic challenges we all now face.

Freemasonry I feel will persevere and will be stronger going forward. The Pro Grand Master has recently launched the strategy for the next 7 years of our organisation, as we head towards 2030. A strategy I hope we all can endorse next year.

I’m proud of our Lodges and Chapters who have supported Durham Benevolence over the past year with donations increasing at a very generous rate. The support is needed now more than ever as we try to support those most in need within our Province.

It’s vital we support our communities, our food banks, and our elderly. Durham Freemasons, when called upon, always step forward and it gives me a deep sense of pride when I see individuals volunteering and Lodges and Chapters going ‘above and beyond’ to support the charities in our Province.

As 2024 approaches I’m very optimistic that we will tackle our challenges together as we continue to support each other. Our charitable support, I’m sure, will still be needed more than ever as the economic uncertainty continues, but working together will make us Stronger Together.

Andrea and I wish all Durham Freemasons and your families a very Merry Christmas and healthy and Happy New Year.

Best regards to you all,

John Thompson ProvGM / GSupt

Stronger Together

Please click the link below to listen to John deliver his Christmas message.

Christmas message

Stronger Together

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Lodge Charity Stewards and Almoners Conference

Saturday 25th November – ALL Lodge Charity Stewards and Almoners are invited to attend a conference designed to raise awareness of the Lodge Charity Stewards role whilst not in festival and bring Almoners up to date with the many options for supporting our Brethren available in the province of Durham and an update on the Membership challenge and how both roles can help further the Provinces Strategy of recruitment and retention.

This event is not to be missed and is fast approaching. Charity Stewards and Almoners – Please sign up ASAP

A light buffet will be provided at the end of the conference.

Those attending are also welcome to remain and attend the Lodge Charity Stewards/ Almoners Seminar which follows the forum between 10.30am and 1.00pm.

Stronger Together

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Members Wanted For Merchandising Team

We are looking to assemble a small merchandise team to develop and manage exciting new ideas for our Province. Primarily we are looking for people with sales, distribution, and design experience but anyone who believes they could help with some ‘out of the box thinking’ would be more than welcome.

Stronger Together

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The Durham Cornerstone

The Durham Cornerstone – Fostering Growth, Brotherhood, and Enlightenment.

In the ever-evolving world of Freemasonry, the importance of fostering a strong sense of community and support among newer Masons cannot be overstated.  The Durham Cornerstone provides a dedicated platform for brethren in the Province of Durham to connect, share knowledge, and embark on their Masonic journeys together. The aim of The Durham Cornerstone is to encourage inclusion, involvement and development by engagement through social events for members, non-members/masons and partners/families. It will be owned by the Province but driven by the members and organised into four area based groups with all Master Masons, Fellowcrafts and Entered Apprentices automatically becoming members of a geographical group.

The Official launch will take place on Monday 13 Nov at Sanctuary Lodge in Durham Masonic Hall starting at 6:30pm and attended by a Provincial Deputation led by the PGM accompanied by the Master Masons selected to lead each area group.

Please contact the Secretary of Sanctuary Lodge to book your place at

Stronger Together.

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Membership Meeting

The Provincial Grand Membership Officer Jamie Rielly and the Provincial Grand Mentor Gaurav Jamnadass wish to invite anyone who has a keen interest in Membership to join them on Saturday 22nd July 2023 at 11:00 am at Castle Eden Masonic Hall, Stockton Road, Castle Eden, Co. Durham, TS27 4SD for what they hope will be a meeting lasting about 1 hour, Tea/Coffee and biscuits will be provided.

“It’s your Province get involved Brethren by working together we can turn the tide on membership to ensure our organisation flourishes in the years ahead”. 

If you wish to attend please Emai:

Stronger Together

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