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Lodge of Fellowship L9694

Fellowship 9694

Who are we?

Membership  5 brothers   15 Worshipful Brothers  no Fellow Craft or Entered Apprentices.

Age groups:
18 to 20 – 0
21 to 30 – 0
31 to 40 – 2
41 to 50 – 2
51 to 60 – 3
61 to 70 – 8
71 to 80 – 0
81 to 90 – 2
over 90 – 3

The Lodge of Fellowship No 9694 was consecrated on the 3rd July 1999, by twenty-eight likeminded freemasons. Two of the original founders are still members of the lodge.

Many of the Worshipful Masters have many dedicated years in freemasonry and  past masters of other lodges.

The ages of the brethren ranges from the youngest being 44 and the eldest being 95 years old. 

The most common age group is between 71 to 80 years age group (8).

Several of the brethren have received their 50 year and 60-year certificates.

What we do

The lodge would suit new members who prefer to limit their activities to the day time rather the usual night time lodge evenings.

The lodge only meets on the last Wednesday of February, April July and October which would be suitable to potential members who wish to limit any new commitments to their life-style.

An amendment to the lodge by-laws, to add June and August was presented to PGLD in April 2022.

The 25th Anniversary of the consecration  of the lodge will be celebrated in  2024. The lodge is raising funds to celebrate this event.

The lodge members attend other lodges as many of the brethren are in other lodges and side degrees.

Why join us?

The lodge is a ” day time lodge” meeting at 10:30hrs on the last Wednesday in the months of February, installation month of April, July and August.

As the Lodge of Fellowship has a “more mature age group” profile and is always looking for new members to increase the lodge membership, the Lodge of Fellowship would  welcome potential candidates through the referral of the Provincial Membership Team.

The lodge would welcome any brother who wishes to join the Lodge of Fellowship, including members of other lodges or brethren would are reducing the involvement in freemason but wish to continue to be in a “less commitment demanding” lodge.

When we meet

The lodge is a ‘day time lodge’”’ meeting at 10:30 hrs on the last Wednesday in the months of February,  April, July and October.

Installation of master in April.


Joining fee: £50

Lodge subscriptions: £100

Typical dining fee: £10


Bro Robert Edwards (Secretary)

facilities at South Shields Masonic Hall


Freemasons Hall, Ingham Street, South Shields, NE33 2DQ.

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall /// Additional information

Lodges that meet here


The Morrisons Car Park is available for free use after 1735 hours.


On foot from Mile End Road or Ocean Road, or via the Morrisons Car Park.


At the north of the building. Double step to door then level. Security doors inside with buzzer to request remote opening. Key Fobs available for members.


The Hall Management Committee maintains all emergency procedures for the Hall.


Two steps into the main entrance then both upper and lower floors are level. There is a lift within the bar area providing access to the facilities upstairs.


To the right of the main entrance and also in the west robing room.


Level floors both downstairs and upstairs. Bar/Dining downstairs, Robing Rooms and Chapter Room upstairs.


There are wide stairs in the main hallway and a lift in the bar.

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