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Indaba L9454

Indaba 9454

Who are we?

We are a special interest lodge of some 30 years standing. All of our members are associated with or have been volunteers in the Scout Association. The Lodge is a member of the Kindred Lodges Association A national association of masonic lodges that support youth work,  primarily scouting. This means we are able to, and do,  visit special interest lodges up and down the country with similar values. We actively  support local scouting and have raised funds to support local scouts attending the world jamboree and European jamborees. We have purchased specialist equipment for local scout groups and contributed funding for scout gang shows and other scout based activities.

What we do

We enjoy our freemasonry. We invite family and friends to two of our meetings per year. The family enjoy social activities such as specialist speakers, quizzes, practical craft work,  demonstrations, and the like whilst we conduct our masonic meeting. Then we come together to share good food and drink in a convivial atmosphere which lasts well into the evening. We are also a loose support network of scouting contacts across Durham. 

Why join us?

Scouting and Freemasonry are a natural partnership which sharing so many values, the Masonic values, Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth,  and complementary Scout values, fellowship, helping others and being trustworthy. Both organisations have a driving mission to develop members to take more useful roles in society. In the Lodge we believe there is great value in meeting like-minded and committed people. Indaba Lodge has members who come from all parts of scouting, young leaders to the oldest wisest sages who have done it all. We support and encourage everyone.

When we meet

We meet 5 times per year on the First Saturday in March with Family and Friends, The first Wednesday in May, the first Monday in June, The first Wednesday in September and the first Saturday in November with family and friends.


Joining fee: UGLE Rates (current £82.80) + Initiation Fee: £25

Lodge subscriptions: £100

Typical dining fee: £15


facilities at Darlington Masonic Hall


Upper Archer St, Darlington DL3 6LS.

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall ///warns.smiles.liability Additional information

Lodges that meet here


Ample car parking in adjacent ‘pay and display’ public facility. Free after 6pm and to ‘blue badge’ holders.


Somewhat unobtrusive ‘slip road’ entry off dual carriageway near town’s “Bondgate” roundabout becoming a one-way system to and from car park.


Wide door, wheelchair accessible.


Illuminated emergency exits on all floors. Diagrams of emergency escape routes are posted throughout the building and on the information TV. Smoke detectors are installed at the relevant points throughout the building.

We also have a defibrillator adjacent to the front door which is also accessible to the public.


Close to Town Centre on its northern side, near commercial buildings and one of the Town’s (long stay) public car parks. Clearly signed as “Freemasons’ Hall” when seen from nearby dual carriageway. Wheelchair access at main entrance and at (rear) ‘service’ entrance by arrangement. Controlled entry via a somewhat unobtrusive ‘plain’ door with handrail and ramp.


Accessible toilets.


Entrance ’lobby’ with access to ground floor facilities which include smart Lounge/bar, superb large dining room, cloakrooms and toilets (inc disabled). Lodge room seating 90 (approx) upstairs with extra chairs brought in when needed. Small ‘robing room’ for Grand Officers doubles as a local ‘museum.’ Attendance registration table immediately outside Lodge Room entrance.


Stairs with ‘half-landing’ and handrails and/or lift provide access to upper floor.

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