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Old Barnardian L9358

Old Barnardian 9358

Who are we?

We are a very friendly and welcoming Chapter to visit, by all Companions. The Chapter is affiliated with the Barnard Castle School in that anyone who has any connection with the school can join as a member.

What we do

We carry out all Royal Arch ceremonies including lectures; we visit other Chapters. This Chapter prides itself on being a group of forward-thinking
Companions with a common goal, to meet with like-minded people and enjoy each other’s company, whilst trying to make a difference, both in each other’s lives and in our local community.

Why join us?

We are the second and youngest Chapter in Barnard Castle; we have a wide cross section of members who believe in living life to the full working hard but above all helping others whilst trying to have fun in the process. Our aim is always with charity in mind the bigger the challenge the better.

When we meet

The Chapter meets on the 3rd Saturdays in March, May (Installation) and November.


Lodge subscriptions: £25

Typical dining fee: £13 variable on numbers (for an exceptional meal)


facilities at Barnard Castle Masonic Hall


Masonic Hall, Newgate, Barnard Castle, Co. Durham, DL12 8NJ

Hall information

Directions Google Maps W3W ///worry.mural.happy Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


On Newgate. The blue line shows on street parking which doesn’t affect residents.


Main door access to the road.


Exits clearly marked.


Royal Arch Masons are judged on the content of their character, not any disability that they may have. We welcome everyone and we will always be ready to lend a helping hand when required.

Our meeting place was built before disabilities were fully considered; many have protected status making major adaptations difficult. But Freemasons in themselves will adapt and assist Companions, and visitors, to fully participate and enjoy the facilities.


Male and Female toilets.  An accessible toilet is not available.


The hall is small lending itself to a friendly and convivial evening amongst friends. The Chapter meeting room is on the ground level with 4 steps down to the dining area and facilities.



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