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Benfeldsyde L7807

Benfeldsyde 7807

Who are we?

We aim to be a fully inclusive lodge encouraging all ages to join us. The lodge has been going for over 60 years and we are in a comfortable position to keep going for many more years to come. As we meet on a Saturday evening this helps people who wish to join and work a normal Monday to Friday pattern to enjoy a Masonic social event on a Saturday. We follow the traditional dress code of Dinner Dress and White Gloves.

What we do

We carry out an emulation ritual where each master must perform a first, second and third degree on a regular basis.

Why join us?

We are an inclusive Lodge and aim to encourage young members to take over the reins from the older generation

When we meet

First Saturday of the Month May, June, September, October, November, December, February and March


Joining fee: £5

Lodge subscriptions: £120

Typical dining fee: £10


facilities at Blackhill Masonic Hall


St. Aidan Freemasons Hall, 30 Laburnum Ave, Blackhill, Consett DH8 5TD

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall ///alone.drill.cloth Additional information

Lodges that meet here


Road car park at rear of building.


Off main road.


Flat, ramp to door.


Exits clearly marked in accordance to current requirements.


Good ramp to entrance.


Easily accessible downstairs.


One flight of stairs to temple.


 Lift to landing, few steps to temple.

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