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Fawcett L661

Who are we?

The Fawcett Lodge, Seaham Harbour was consecrated by the then Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro John Fawcett on Thursday 27th March 1856, making it the oldest masonic lodge in Seaham and one of the oldest masonic lodges within the Province of Durham.

The first Worshipful Master of Fawcett Lodge was W. Bro John Crossby who was also in the office of Provincial Grand Secretary at the time. The original Fawcett Lodge Register Book from 1856 remains within the possession of the Lodge Secretary, with current joining members added to the same register and long history of the Lodge.

Sadly, the original Fawcett Banner, which was presented on 14th September 1859, was lost through circumstances unknown at some point within the first 100 year history of the Lodge. The current Fawcett Banner was first adopted by our predecessors in 1956 to celebrate the Lodge’s centenary. The badge is the Fawcett family Coat of Arms and Mrs Foyle Fawcett gave her gracious permission to for the Lodge to use it as such. Mrs Foyle Fawcett is a direct descendent of R.W. Bro John Fawcett who consecrated the Lodge and whom the Lodge is named after.

21st Century Fawcett Lodge Freemasons are a very diverse group with members ages ranging from those in their early twenties to those in their mid-nineties and experience from a wide variety of professions and other interests. As a Lodge we include all of our members in our ideas to implement changes, whilst respecting our long traditions, in an attempt to keep pace in the modern world. Most notably during the unprecedented suspension of Freemasonry due to the COVID-19 pandemic Fawcett Lodge masons enjoyed monthly on-line video calls and quizzes to maintain the spirit of fraternity that is of paramount importance to the members.

We share the Seaham Masonic Hall with 2 other Lodges (Lodge Stewart and Quest Lodge) and enjoy regular interactions ranging from visiting each other during regular meetings to participating in social functions and fundraising events. Although our members formally join Fawcett Lodge they are soon additionally welcomed by our Brothers from the other Seaham Lodges and larger fraternal bonds are made and maintained.

What we do

Fawcett Lodge Masons pride ourselves on providing a high standard of masonic ritual and provide significant support to any members wishing to advance their masonic knowledge by taking up office within the Lodge. 

We hold an Instruction Lodge on the last Tuesday of every month (except December) where members can enjoy a less-formal occasion to practice their ritual and obtain support and guidance from our Lodge Mentor and other members who pride themselves in being able to develop members with presentation skills and communication skills that can be applied in other aspects of life aside from Freemasonry.

The hard work of our members is often rewarded by the Province of Durham Leadership Team, evidenced by the number of recent promotions to ‘Acting Provincial Rank’ (where members are invited to join the Provincial Team to discharge the duties around the Province of Durham). 

Whilst this is a major part of our ‘Lodge Identity’ it comes with the balance of reassuring our members that the commitments of family and work will often be understandably prioritised over masonic duty. We have a history of supporting our members and their families through the most challenging of times and continue to remember the widows of members who have passed to the Grand Lodge Above each Christmas through the sending of a card and gift. 

Why join us?

Our diverse range of members is evidence that you are likely to be welcomed into Fawcett Lodge with open arms with the joining criteria asked of prospective members being consistent with Freemasonry in general:

  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  • You have free / voluntary desire to become a Freemason.
  • You have a charitable heart.
  • You are of good character (no Court convictions / no findings of dishonest / disgraceful conduct / no disciplinary sanctions through profession or tribunal).

By joining Fawcett Lodge you will immediately benefit from the strong fraternal connections that we share with our Brothers from Lodge Stewart and Quest Lodge with whom with share our Masonic Hall. You will also meet Brothers with whom we have established Fraternal relations with from around the Province of Durham and are Brothers ‘North of the Tyne’ in the Province of Northumberland.

When we meet

2nd Wednesday September – June (Installation March).


Joining fee: £120

Lodge subscriptions: £234

Typical dining fee: £10 for 2 courses.


facilities at Seaham Masonic Temple


North Road, Seaham, Co. Durham, SR7 7AA

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall ///list.fallen.pushy Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


Small onsite car park for 6 cars, designated for disabled, immediately in front of temple. Ample car parking along seafront.


Short, tarmacked surface up to front entrance with step up and access to ground floor.


Double door porch with step up to ground floor level, doorbell. There is a ramp for wheelchair access from the onsite car park into the ground floor area.


Emergency exit from ground floor bar area to onsite carpark.

There is no emergency exit from the temple level.

There is an emergency chair for disabled people.


The age and design of the Masonic Hall does present some accessibility challenges and regrettably it is currently classed as only ‘partly accessible’. There is a slight internal step at the main entrance and the entire ground-floor area (including toilets) is wheelchair accessible.


Accessible toilets ( ground/Temple level ).


Ground floor level – flat surface throughout. 


First floor – Temple access via stair lift (some steps before and after using the stair lift. Handrail on one side of stairs.

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