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Bedic L5915

Bedic 5915

Who are we?

In the depths of the Second World War, Bedic Lodge No. 5915 was born (consecrated on 18th December 1943) and created by 16 Freemasons from Penshaw Lodge.  Local history was the main influence with the decision to call it Bedic Lodge, as the name is noted in ‘The Boldon Book’ which a is a Durham equivalent of the Doomsday Book.

In testament to its success, the Lodge continues actively today heading towards eighty years, with a strong committed membership, offering the same positive, supportive and adaptable approach. 

What we do

Collectively we are an enthusiastic and focused group of likeminded gentlemen, of all ages and social backgrounds, who genuinely enjoy meeting formally and socially, with an underlying and inquisitive interest of Freemasonry with all the diverse aspects it has to offer, complementing the busy lifestyles we all live.  Support and charity are key factors within Freemasonry, along with building confidence, but overall enjoying yourself within a history rich organisation, built on strong solid core values.

Each Lodge meeting offers a formal but varied structured process, which is then followed by drinks and a meal on a more social basis within the Lodge dining hall.

Why join us?

Freemasonry encompasses a wide and varied list of activity depending upon who you are.   If you are looking for new friendships, exciting and stimulating hobby which is formal, but social on a local national and international basis, then it may be for you….

Integrity, Friendship, Respect, and Charity are the foundation stones of a Freemason.

If you are curious about Freemasonry and its 300-year history, looking for an exciting challenge & learning new skills, coupled fun & camaraderie then please get in contact.

When we meet

As an active Lodge we have 10 meetings every year which are on the last Wednesday in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, September, October and November.

(Visiting other Lodges within the area is also actively encouraged, which also builds on the friendships.)


Joining fee: £148.00

Lodge subscriptions:(inclusive of 10 meals) £325.00


facilities at Penshaw Masonic Hall


Shiney Row, Co Durham, DH4 7LQ.

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall ///file.soil.tilt Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


More than ample parking facilities consisting of a tarmacked car park with a good number of parking spaces near to the entrance door.


A level paved footpath leads from the car park toward the entrance door.


Entrance area consists of a concrete footpath with a very slight incline leading to a wide entrance door and hallway.


Two emergency exits are located in the main dining hall, both lead to the main car park along a footpath with a small step. There is also an emergency exit located in the smaller dining hall that leads to the main carpark along a paved footpath.


Our hall is a quite new, single storey building. The entrance is via a short ramp. The entrance door is wide. Being single storey, there are no obstructions to any part of the building. We have a large secure car park where disabled parking slots are close to the entrance. We have excellent accessibility toilet facilities.


There are male and female toilets along with an accessible toilet.


As the Masonic Hall is all on ground level, there are no internal ramps or stairs. A large dining hall with a bar is accessed via double doors and is wheelchair accessible; there is also a smaller dining hall with a bar. Food cooked and served from the large kitchen area is of an extremely high standard.

There are two well equipped Lodge rooms, the main one being considerably larger than the  other one.


There are no stairs or lifts – all facilities are on one level.

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