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Heortnesse L4639

Heortnesse 4639

Who are we?

A collective group of like-minded individuals that come together monthly to enjoy each other’s company and whilst doing so, raise charitable funds for our local and national organisations. Each year there are thousands upon thousands of pounds raised locally and nationally for charities and other organisations. We pride ourselves in the unseen works that happen and the local assistance that is given to lots and lots of other charities.  A dripping tap slowly fills a bath. We only give what we can afford, it all adds up! Major charities, children’s groups, lifesaving organisations, have all benefitted from Freemasonry. Nationally there are first responder vehicles, ambulances and lifeboats all supplied by the funding of Freemasons. Children’s charities and adult support groups benefit too! Even a local ‘Silver’ band have all received funding from our Freemasons.

What we do

We try to regularly socialise by visiting other lodges that meet in Hartlepool and the surrounding areas.   We are always open to new members joining our lodge that is 100 years young in 2024! A century of giving in Hartlepool.  Our lodge is built on the foundations of Friendship, Charity, Respect and Integrity. The lodge was founded by Councillor CT Watson in 1824.  A lodge night would normally consist of a meeting, discussing the lodge ‘business’, ceremony for new members, followed by a Festive board. Normally consisting of a two or three course meal with the other members of the lodge. There are bar facilities for those that wish to socialise. The evening would include a raffle and other fund-raising ideas.  Typically, there are three ‘joining’ ceremonies for a new member, each with a different theme building on the principles and journey of a Freemasonry.  Once you become a Freemason, there are no other costs to visit other lodges around the province, nationally or even globally! There is a whole world of likeminded people. 

Why join us?

We are an easy-going group of individuals that collectively seek the enjoyment of helping and giving for the benefit of others.  Googling ‘Masonic lodge Hartlepool Heortnesse Lodge’ will bring up lots of images and links to any lodge and others within Hartlepool. 

When we meet

The 3rd Friday night of each month, except July, August, and December.


Joining fee: £100

Lodge subscriptions: £120

Typical dining fee: £10 to £14 depending upon the meal of the evening.


facilities at Hartlepool Raby Masonic Hall


Raby Road,  Hartlepool TS24 8AH

Hall information

Directions Google Maps W3W ///orbit.cases.taped Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


A mix of parking is available directly adjacent the building and on-street in near proximity, with permit-only parking spaces free for use after 6pm.

The dedicated parking on tarmac around the building is monitored; members car registration must be logged with the co-ordinator.


Ramp to main entrance which is wide enough for wheel chair access.


The main entrance has video doorbell entry.


Emergency exits are sign posted. Defibrolator located outside adjacent the main entrance.


We welcome everyone and we will always be ready to lend a helping hand when required. Many of our meeting places were built before disabilities were fully considered; and our building has been adapted to help. The brethren will always help each other to participate in enjoying our masonry.


Male, female, and disabled toilets.


All one level on the ground floor with access to stairs and lift to all floors.


Stair case and Lift to temple and dining room.

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