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Penshaw L3194

Penshaw L3194

Who are we?

Penshaw Lodge No 3194 was consecrated on 16th January 1907 and takes its name from a local landmark known as Penshaw Monument. Penshaw Lodge celebrated its centenary on 16th May 2007. Our members have come from all walks of life and each with their own unique story to tell for why they became a Freemason. Membership is open to people from all backgrounds and provides members many opportunities to make a wide circle of friends cultivating lasting friendships.

What we do

Freemasonry is all about building character and supporting members as individuals. It is these foundations that allow members to develop themselves, from increased self-confidence to transferable skills such as public speaking. Whether taking part in social events or fundraising, charity is at the very heart of Freemasonry. Our members make valuable contributions to deserving causes and it is because of this we are recognised as one of the largest charitable givers in the country.


Why join us?

Penshaw Lodge welcomes all members irrespective of their race or religion. We have a diverse membership with some members celebrating over 50 years while other young and new Freemasons are just beginning their masonic careers. Penshaw Lodge provides a ready-made group of friends – empowers members to be the best they can be – building character, supporting members as individuals, and helping to make a positive contribution to society.

When we meet

3rd Wednesday of every month @ 6:45pm except for July and August when we are in recess. Our Installation meeting is held in February commencing at 5:00pm.


Joining fee: £60.00 + United Grand Lodge Registration £82.80 (inclusive of VAT)

Lodge subscriptions: £300 Payments can be made in instalments by Standing Oder. Subscriptions are subject to change on a yearly basis.


Typical dining fee: Included with subscription.


facilities at Penshaw Masonic Hall


Shiney Row, Co Durham, DH4 7LQ.

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall ///file.soil.tilt Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


More than ample parking facilities consisting of a tarmacked car park with a good number of parking spaces near to the entrance door.


A level paved footpath leads from the car park toward the entrance door.


Entrance area consists of a concrete footpath with a very slight incline leading to a wide entrance door and hallway.


Two emergency exits are located in the main dining hall, both lead to the main car park along a footpath with a small step. There is also an emergency exit located in the smaller dining hall that leads to the main carpark along a paved footpath.


Our hall is a quite new, single storey building. The entrance is via a short ramp. The entrance door is wide. Being single storey, there are no obstructions to any part of the building. We have a large secure car park where disabled parking slots are close to the entrance. We have excellent accessibility toilet facilities.


There are male and female toilets along with an accessible toilet.


As the Masonic Hall is all on ground level, there are no internal ramps or stairs. A large dining hall with a bar is accessed via double doors and is wheelchair accessible; there is also a smaller dining hall with a bar. Food cooked and served from the large kitchen area is of an extremely high standard.

There are two well equipped Lodge rooms, the main one being considerably larger than the  other one.


There are no stairs or lifts – all facilities are on one level.

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