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EANRED Lodge Celebrates David Sanders Hay’s 50th Year Golden Jubilee

On Monday, June 10th, 2024, Eanred Lodge invited John Thompson and his team to join them in celebrating David Sanders Hay’s 50th year as a member.

David began the evening with a brief history of Eanred, the only lodge in the town of Billingham, located in the southern part of the Province of Durham. Known for its family-oriented, well-run, and welcoming atmosphere, Eanred Lodge consistently attracts new members each year. Visitors can expect high-standard ceremonies and excellent food at the festive board. The lodge maintains close ties with TLC Durham, a Masonic charity that provides distraction teddies to A&E departments throughout the province.

Established in 1957, Eanred Lodge is 67 years old and has been home to some of Billingham’s most respected men. The lodge was named after Eanred, one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings of Northumbria, who was known for constructing many churches and villages, including Billingham.

David reminisced about his childhood in Billingham and the early days of Eanred before he joined in 1974. Significant events and costs from that year:

  • Gallon of petrol: 50p
  • Pint of beer: 22.5p
  • Pint of milk: 4.5p
  • Bread: 14.5p
  • Newspaper: 5p
  • Average house price: £10,000
  • Average car price: £1,233
  • Harold Wilson was Prime Minister
  • Bear Grylls was born
  • The Rubik’s Cube was invented

In a “Michael Parkinson-style” interview setting, David and John discussed the vibrant history of Billingham and Eanred Lodge. David shared how family friends, who were Eanred Lodge Masons, supported his family in times of need. He also recounted his journey to becoming the Master of the lodge, a process that took 15 years, and included memorable events like ladies’ nights at the Swan Hotel with over 100 in attendance. Professionally, David’s career in the Civil Service took him from Singapore to Buckingham Palace.

David spoke about his Masonic career, his collaboration with Derek Richmond, visiting many lodges in the Province of Durham, and eventually being asked by Eric Heaviside, the then Provincial Master, to become one of his Assistant Provincial Masters.

Tom Gittens then read a certificate before handing it to John to present to David. In response, David expressed his gratitude and thanked everyone for attending the celebration.

The festive board featured an excellent meal with wine and a fantastic cheese table offering a variety of local cheeses, fruits, and pickles/chutneys. Afterward, John praised Eanred Lodge for their hard work and contributions to the province. He also highlighted the upcoming AGM event at the FED in Dunston, Gateshead, with 600 attendees expected and dining fully booked. He commended the Armed Forces committee for raising over £10K through a 20-mile walk.

Wayne Rumley discussed upcoming events in the province, including a new Craft Ale lodge and a new chapter, the first in 20 years, and expressed his pleasure in being part of John’s team for 2023/24. The evening concluded with Eanred Lodge presenting David with three gifts. David thanked everyone who contributed to the event and looked forward to celebrating his 60th Jubilee in 2034.

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