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The Consecration of Anglers Lodge

Places are now available for those wishing to attend and dine.

Reservations will close at 6pm prompt on 16th March 2024,

(these MUST be booked and paid for in advance) Any remaining places for General admission without dining will be released after 16th March.

For Tickets Go To:…/provincialgrandlodgeofdu…

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The Provincial Grand Chapter of Durham Royal Arch Festival Month

The Provincial Grand Chapter of Durham is holding a Royal Arch Festival month from mid-March until mid-April 2024.

A fantastic number of events are being held across the Province, with a view to promoting the Royal Arch and its direct link to Craft Masonry.

These events include:

The Keystone Connection

The Grand Superintendent of the Provincial Grand Chapter of Durham and the Provincial Grand Master of the Mark talk about the Royal Arch and the Mark Degree.

The Ceremony of the Veils

A Presentation to be given by The Provincial Grand Chapter of Durham and the Companions of Tees Chapter No. 509. This ancient ceremony is seldom seen in English Chapters, and it is a year since it was last presented in Durham.  ‘The Ceremony of Passing the Veils’ was an integral part of the Royal Arch ceremony and was practised as a preliminary to the Exaltation ceremony. In 1834 the basis of the current ceremonies was established and agreed by Supreme Grand Chapter and the ‘Ceremony of the Veils’ stopped being practised thereafter. The ceremony can be demonstrated once annually by a Province, so this is a rare opportunity to witness something that at one time was an integral part of our Masonic Heritage.

Talking Heads

A couplet play between a new Master Mason and a Royal Arch Companion explaining the Royal Arch in the ante room whilst getting ready for their Lodge meeting.

Royal Arch Roadshows

A presentation by the Provincial team about the origins of the Royal Arch and the splendour of its ceremonies.

Adding More Theatre to the Principal Sojourner’s Story

The Provincial team act out in more detail the Principal Sojourner’s journey in the Royal Arch ceremony.

Discover More

An event for prospective members interested in joining the Royal Arch.

Please check the events page for further details and how to book your place.

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A Double Exaltation At Universities Chapter

Full Team Visit Universities Chapter

On a cold December evening, the Companions of Universities Chapter No. 2352 Gathered at Durham Masonic Hall to welcome the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent John Paul Thompson accompanied by a full team of his provincial officers.

This was an extra special evening for the Chapter, not only being honoured with a full team visit, but also to witness a double exaltation of Brothers Rhys Samuel Benedict Sutton-Harry and Adriano Lopez Deonate, both members of Universities Lodge.

The Chapter was opened by the three principals, with Excellent Companion Phil Twizell acting as Z and Excellent Companion John Bamborough Gibson as J for the evening.

The Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies announced that the Grand Superintendent and his team were at the door, and then followed the procession into the Chapter room.

Excellent Companion Phil welcomed the Grand Superintendent, and the team then took their places to witness the double exaltation, performed excellently by the Officers of the Chapter.

Following the ceremony, the Grand Superintendent presented the candidates with a mentoring card showing a QR code which he told them would lead them to more information on what they had gone through that evening.

He was then delighted to take the opportunity to be able to present Supreme Grand Chapter certificates to three previous exaltees.

After the Chapter was closed, the Companions retired to a candlelit festive board where a meal was served befitting the special occasion.

In response to his toast the Grand Superintendent said it was great to see that the Chapter’s planning strategy was evident, and that it was paying off shown by the number of younger members.

He went on to mention the great work done by Durham Freemasons via Durham Benevolence and the Norman Jackson Bequest to Universities Lodge No.2352, where on the anniversary of what would have been his 75th Birthday, they had made grants totalling £75,000 to the Prince’s Trust, and that this would help Masonry make a real impact in the community.

The Grand Superintendent finished by hoping that those Companions present would have a happy and enjoyable festive season.

In the response to the toast to Provincial Officers, the Assistant to the Provincial Grand Principals Excellent Companion David John Green, mentioned that Provincial Grand Chapter would be holding a Chapter awareness month in March and April 2024, and to watch out for further information.

Stronger Together

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Saint Cecilia Supports Local Young Musicians

Saint Cecilia Lodge is a lodge of musicians and music enthusiasts. One of its main aims is to support local young musicians from within the Province. This is achieved by giving bursaries to local young musicians to help with instrumental lessons, purchase of instruments and fees for attending major musical courses and workshops. For twenty years they have also organised an annual competition for young composers. After the compositions have been judged, a trophy is given to the winning school and cheques are presented to the winning composers. This all took place at the September meeting of the lodge, when the winners, their parents and teachers were invited. Members of the Lodge also invited non-masonic guests to the presentations and dinner.

After the dinner, all guests were able to hear performances of the winning compositions before the cheques and trophies were presented.

This year the Saint Cecilia Trophy was presented by the Worshipful Master Michael Liddle to Mrs Jessica Holmes of Durham Johnston School. He then presented cheques for £100 and £50 to the winner Joseph Sollis and runner up Aine O’Sullivan, in the senior competition.

R W Bro. Eric Heaviside then presented the Benfeldsyde Trophy to Durham Johnston School as the winner of the Junior Section. RWBro Heaviside then presented cheques of £50 to Tilly Stacey and £25 to Amy Hall.

The Lodge will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary next year. It meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month and at the January meeting, it will have a performance by the Chapel Choir of University College Durham.

Anyone wishing to attend and dine should contact the secretary: Bill Watson

Stronger Together

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Leonard Middleton Barrett 70yrs Long Service

During Lambton Lodge’s recent October meeting, held on Friday 13th, RW Brother John Paul Thompson led a team of his Provincial Officers into the Temple at Durham Masonic Hall. The room was packed to celebrate the recognition of 70 Years long standing service across 2 provinces by W Bro Leonard Middleton Barret.

Leonard had attended the prep school at Sunderland before heading to Cambridge to study medicine. Following his national service in Germany, he returned to England and took up a position as a Trainee General Practitioner. He was initiated into Lambton Lodge in October 1953 where his father was a member. Leonard also became a Vale of Nidd Lodge member at Pateley Bridge in the Province of Yorkshire West Riding, where he has recently returned to the chair for the second time after 50 years!

After 35 years in the craft, Leonard was exalted into Chapter, a practice that the PGM added he doesn’t recommend today! The PGM pointed out that during his service as a freemason, Leonard has witnessed the service of 16 Prime Ministers and 2 Monarchs. Leonard was then presented with 2 Citations to recognise his Platinum award for long service over 2 provinces. The Deputy Provincial Grandmaster of Yorkshire West Riding, W Bro Brian Littlejohn, presented Leonard with the second certificate for long service.

Following the presentation of the certificates, Leonard’s response was “We don’t do speeches in Lambton…this is a fuss over nothing” he then went on to give thanks to the Great Architect of the Universe.

The lodge presented John with a donation of over £2,000 which was raised personally by the WM for a virtual walk whereby he had totalled up the distance of walking from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

At the festive board, John George Lambton’s traditions were upheld, snuff was circulated and responses kept short. Leonard was also presented with a special reserve whisky by the master.

Stronger Together

Stronger Together

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Bede College Lodge receive CPR Talk

Lee Whitworth Past Master and Owner and Trainer A&E Harmonious Compliance Training Ltd, was asked to deliver a talk on (CPR), CardioPulmonary Resuscitation and Safe use of an (AED), Automatic External Defibrillator. Lee started by talking about how important it is to gain access to a local AED and the benefits of getting an AED on the body as quickly as possible. Lee explained the way to contact the emergency services and get access to a Defibrillator and what to do whilst you are waiting for one if you have sent a bystander to collect one. He also explained why they have codes and how this system works to ensure the defibrillator is checked, new pads attached if necessary and getting the defibrillator ready for use again. Lee explained that The Circuit is the national database which all UK Ambulance Services have signed up to; this is where any Defibrillator that is accessible to the public should be registered and this database supports and filters through to The National Website Defib Finder, allowing anyone to find the 10 nearest Defibrillators to any postcode:

Lee then talked about technique over strength and that hands only CPR is better than nothing BUT (in the words of John Spiking’s from Zetland Lodge 603 Yorkshire East Ridings) the Gold Standard of CPR includes rescue breaths. If you are willing to and preferably with a face shield, rescue breaths give a greater chance of survival by adding oxygen to chest compressions and the use of a Defibrillator can make a massive difference to survival and quality of life, if successful. ANY chest compressions are better than nothing, however training gives you the knowledge and the confidence to give the patient a better chance of survival.

Lee then gave a full demonstration from finding the casualty, calling for help, sending someone for a Defibrillator; whilst checking the scene for Danger, trying to get a Response from the casualty, checking the Airway and then checking if the casualty is Breathing normally. (DRAB). Why you must start CPR as soon as possible after establishing the casualty needs support and then applying the Defibrillator as soon as it arrives. Lee demonstrated that all you must do to use a Defibrillator is TURN IT ON, follow the instructions and stay calm. The defibrillator tells you to apply the pads, as per the pictures on them, stand clear whilst the defibrillator checks the body or is shocking and then to give a shock or not, depending on the rhythm the machine picks up from the heart. The Defibrillator then tells you to start CPR. Peter Green DC then came and demoed using a Defibrillator with no guidance, to prove how easy it is to just have a go and use one, after which members and visitors to Bede College Lodge were encouraged to have a go Barry Nicholson asked several great questions, which allowed Lee to point out that when giving rescue breaths you must ensure that you do a head tilt and chin lift and no one in the UK has every been sued for attempting CPR, anything is better than nothing.

Lee then moved on to talk about an amazing piece of equipment that Yorkshire Ambulance Service Volunteer Responders use to lift uninjured fallen patients and to demonstrate that his Volunteer First Responders use this Razor Chair to lift a fallen patient, with the power of one finger! Alas, due to the fact that the chair alone costs £4500-£5000, before you consider the responder would also carry other equipment, like a Defibrillator, Oxygen, Slides Sheets, Grab Sheet and Belts, meaning a Falls Responders equipment costs approximately £8000 per kit, Yorkshire Ambulance Service has approximately 900 Volunteer Community Responders across the whole trust, and they have multiple Responder Schemes within this. However only a small amount of these schemes have falls capabilities due to cost of the equipment and the extra time volunteers need to give on scene.

Lee built the chair around the fallen patient, Dave Young, who was amazed that the chair could lift him ….. so easily.  Lee explained that a CFR would complete a full set of observations on a patient and obtain a (NEWS) National Early Warning score, they would then obtain guidance from a clinician in the Clinical Hub, who would then grant or deny permission to lift. The Responder can then lift a patient with one finger whilst only needing to support the patient’s head. When the chair is halfway up, the CFR would check the BP and then lift the patient fully if safe to do so. Once the patient is “raised” the Responder would complete another set of observations and if all is well; they would contact clinical hub again for further guidance and if all observations were safe and satisfactory, this could prevent an ambulance being required, which frees up resources to be ready for life-threatening emergencies.

Lee finished by explaining that Volunteer responders are in many Ambulance Service Trusts and any support people can give via Trust Charities would not only provide assistance to Responder departments, but patient care.

Basic First Aid, Really Does Save Lives!

Stronger Together

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Armed Forces Inaugural Dinner

At Durham Masonic Hall we celebrated the start of something special in the Masonic Province of Durham, with the founding of the Armed Forces Network with a full blown mess dinner.

AFC chairman Richard H Tucker MBE, along with the President for the evening John Henry, Vice President Paul Fryer along with Richard Vipond, Frank White, Mark Aram and Lee Whitworth came together to put on a wonderful military dinner experience to bring together the veterans and those who serve in our province.

The team were also joined by members from our neighbouring Province representatives of their “Northumberland Armed Forces Lodge”

The  honoured guest for the evening was 97 year old Gilbert Thompson a veteran of the Airborne Regiment who was twice shot and who flew gliders landing in occupied territory.

The room remembered absent friends  with the silhouette of fallen comrades sitting at their table .

The room was buzzing with friendly military banter between the services and with the accompanying music from the “Prize Winning” Cockerton Brass Band , lee Whitworth and the amazing piper, the atmosphere is fantastic.

In his speech our Provincial Grand Master John Thompson thanked the team for an exceptional evening and for the work the AFC had completed in a busy 12 months and for now launching the Network, he hopes those attending will see what the group are accomplishing and hopefully will be willing to join in. It’s important as an organisation that Freemasons support our armed forces both serving and our veterans.

If you want to support our armoured forces network please contact the secretary Mark Aram:

Stronger Together

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Date :

Durham Miners Gala 2023

Durham Miners Gala

Thousands Attend Historic Durham Miners’ Gala

More than 200,000 people attended the Durham Miners’ Gala on Saturday to watch the proud display of miners’ banners, processions, and stomping brass band music.The 137th Durham Miners’ Gala, people started to descend on Durham City to march through the streets from early morning to watch and take part in the fantastic padgentry of the day.

Agricola Lodge with the help of other Lodges from the City of Durham, sold over 1500 cans of beer and cider to the public enjoying the Gala on a sun drenched streets of the Cathedral City in Old Elvet, sales of food served in buns on the day included 250 burgers, 10 stones of sausage and bacon and a side order of 100 kg of chips with the Chef’s special Curry sauce.

The cash flowed in from 9am, keeping the Past Provincial Grand Master Eric Heaviside busy in the corner of the hall in his role as chief cas, counting and preparing the money ready for the lodge’s charity steward to bank on Monday morning. The bar was opened in the building with all profits from the event being donated to the Air Ambulance and Local charities.

Following the event the the members wasted no time in making the building ready for the dispatch of masonic business on Monday.

Congratulations to all who made the event another resounding sucess and we look forward to 2024.

Stronger Together

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Date :

Prestonian Lecturer Visits Durham

On Wednesday the 5th July 2023, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, John Paul Thompson informed a packed room at Durham Masonic Hall that the Prestonian lecture is the only lecture given under the authority of UGLE. William Preston (1742-1818), was regarded as the foremost masonic educator of his time, and he left a legacy of £300 to provide an annual lectureship. With the absence of some years the Prestonian lecture has been held since 1820, with lectures now submitting a masonic subject of his own selection. John said he was immensely grateful that Durham should host the 2023 Prestonian lecture and went on to introduce MW Bro Akram Elias who has flown in specially from Washington DC to present the lecture tonight.

Akram’s masonic journey began June 18th 1996 when he was initiated into the society of Freemasonry at Potomac Lodge No.5, under the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the District of Columbia in Washington. He has been Master of several lodges culminating in him being installed as The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Washington DC on December 8th 2007. John informed the room that tonight’s Lecture was entitled ‘The 1723 Constitutions, The Indispensable Trowel, Cementing America’s foundations’

Akram informed his audience that, unfortunately due to time restraints of the evening, he would not be actually delivering the full Lecture. He did however, go on to captivate the brethren present with his introduction to The 1723 Constitutions and The Great Experiment.  In conclusion, he informed the room that Freemasonry is as relevant today and more needed than ever in the United States and in every free, open, and democratic society on the face of the earth. 

Akram stated that the full lecture is available in a booklet form for sale this evening, with which the brethren can purchase a signed copy. He informed those present that profits from the sales of this English Edition would be donated to The Masonic Charitable Foundation.

Over 100 brethren retired to the festive board where ample provisions had been made and great thanks were paid to VW Bro Akram for his very interesting introduction to the lecture.

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Date :

9833 Club Reunion Meeting

The members of the 9833 club which consists of past members of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge held its first visit to Flambard Lodge NO.6874.

The Assistant Provincial Grand Master WBro Andrew PF Foster was delighted to attend the first club’s reunion visit on Monday 26th June 2023 at The Masonic Temple in Durham City. Twenty-two members attended Flambard Lodge No. 6874 and witnessed a 3rd Degree ceremony.

The club was honoured with the presence of 9 founder members of the Durham Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge 9833. This included 3 Past masters of the lodge which was consecrated in 2007. There was also the Current Master of the DPGSL and some current members in attendance. They will be officially able to join the Club upon their retirement from the lodge.

The club intends to continue with its support visits to various Masonic Halls around the province. They will be in attendance solely as visitors to the lodge, will not take part in the lodge meeting unless members and will observe any lodge traditions. The plan is to sit together at the Festive Board with the purpose of renewing and continuing friendships which were created during their membership in the DPGSL.

Andrew said, “We hope that the host lodge will greatly benefit from our attendance by our contribution to their charitable collection, the raffle at the Festive Board and we will hopefully significantly boost their attendance enhancing the experience for the candidate, members, and other visitors”.

The planned meetings for the Club, which will take place during this masonic year, will be to Sunderland, Gateshead, and Darlington.

Stronger Together

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