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The Durham Cornerstone 1734 – Our Foundation Our Future

Fostering growth, brotherhood and enlightenment, The Durham Cornerstone provides a dedicated platform for all Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts and Master Masons in the Province of Durham to connect, share knowledge and embark on their Masonic journeys together.

Members of the Durham Cornerstone have been out and about visiting each others Lodges across the Province and continue to grow as a community. 


Durham Cornerstone brethren joining members of the Northumberland Light Blues Club at Lodge Vandeleur at the installation of Northumberland Light Blues.

In the first half of 2023 a series of focus groups took place across the Province during which our newer brethren were asked what the wanted from the soon to be Cornerstone, one of the areas which came out strongly was a desire for more information about etiquette and protocol so that members could better enjoy and participate fully in their masonry. As a result WBro David Hay, the Provincial Learning & Development Officer and Past Assistant Provincial Grand Master was asked to develop a talk aimed at meeting the need of our Cornerstone community. The first of these talks took place on the 12 April at Civic Lodge in Sunderland. The temple was full with a high number of Cornerstone brethren in attendance and WBro Hay delivered an excellent informative and engaging talk which was very well received by all.

Photo of the DPGM VWBro John Watts and WBro David Hay with members of the Durham Cornerstone at Civic Lodge attending the etiquette and protocol talk.
Photo of the APGM WBro Rak Bhalla with members of the Durham Cornerstone at Derwent Lodge attending the etiquette and protocol talk.

A second talk took place at Derwent Lodge in May which was again very well received by all including members of the Northumberland Light Blues Club who were in attendance. The next talk is planned for Aclet Lodge on the 8 July and all Cornerstone members are encouraged to attend and can contact the SW Cornerstone co-leads, Bro Mick Turfrey, Bro Chris Bains or WBro Owen Guy-Fisher at Or the Secretary of Aclet Lodge.

The Durham Cornerstone now has a dedicated closed Facebook page and already boasts a membership of over 250! This Facebook page provides information on events and acts as one way of keeping members of the Cornerstone community up to date. The Province is divided into four areas and each area has dedicated lead points of contact who also run area WhatsApp Groups.


NE Cornerstone – Bro Mick Clark and Bro Connor Goodfellow, contact

NW Cornerstone – Bro Jake Walker, Bro Arron Holmes and Bro Jake Rollings, contact

SE Cornerstone – Bro Ummar Hanif, Bro James Finney and Bro Darren Rhodes, contact

SW Cornerstone – Bro Mick Turfrey, Bro Chris Bains or WBro Owen Guy-Fisher contact

Look ahead:

8 July.  Etiquette & Protocol Talk.  Aclet Lodge

11 September. Quarterly Communication in London, we’re looking for a significant Cornerstone turnout to support our Provincial Grand Master on a great day out!

28 September.  Dragon Boat Race. We will be putting together a Cornerstone Team to compete against the Province of Northumberland in a series of Dragon Boat races.

We are looking for Master Masons, Fellowcrafts and Entered Apprentices to act as Masonic Hall representatives across the Province, if you’d like to help grow the Cornerstone please contact #together we are stronger

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