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Provincial Grand Master’s / Grand Superintendent’s Christmas Message

Dear Brethren and Companions,

It is with great thanks and appreciation that I look back over 2023 and another year as the head of the Freemasons of Durham, a role I carry out with immense pride.

Many thanks to you all for the support you have given to me and our team as we continue to implement those changes which will take our Province forward.

Some of our Lodges and Chapters have felt the need to return their warrants this year with much sadness but also with great dignity. A task forced by many reasons including the low numbers, and increasing costs due to the economic challenges we all now face.

Freemasonry I feel will persevere and will be stronger going forward. The Pro Grand Master has recently launched the strategy for the next 7 years of our organisation, as we head towards 2030. A strategy I hope we all can endorse next year.

I’m proud of our Lodges and Chapters who have supported Durham Benevolence over the past year with donations increasing at a very generous rate. The support is needed now more than ever as we try to support those most in need within our Province.

It’s vital we support our communities, our food banks, and our elderly. Durham Freemasons, when called upon, always step forward and it gives me a deep sense of pride when I see individuals volunteering and Lodges and Chapters going ‘above and beyond’ to support the charities in our Province.

As 2024 approaches I’m very optimistic that we will tackle our challenges together as we continue to support each other. Our charitable support, I’m sure, will still be needed more than ever as the economic uncertainty continues, but working together will make us Stronger Together.

Andrea and I wish all Durham Freemasons and your families a very Merry Christmas and healthy and Happy New Year.

Best regards to you all,

John Thompson ProvGM / GSupt

Stronger Together

Please click the link below to listen to John deliver his Christmas message.

Christmas message

Stronger Together

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Critical Care Support

When Bill Armstrongs sister in law recently collapsed, she was rushed to the Critical Care Unit of Sunderland General Hospital. Bill and the family were so impressed and grateful for the wonderful care and support that both the patient and the family received, that they decided to try to raise funds to support that unit.

On Saturday 2nd December 2023, Bill and the rest of the members of Jarrow Grange Lodge no. 8551 held a fundraising social at Jarrow Masonic Hall in aid of the Critical Care Unit. Over 100 members, family and friends were in attendance and they were treated to a fantastic evening with a wonderful buffet, entertainment from Holly Jade, the daughter of the Master of the Lodge, two lots of Bingo, a Raffle and an Auction.

All told the event raised an incredible £1230 for the Critical Care Unit and the Lodge are now submitting a request to Durham Benevolence for any top up funding that may be available.

Well done Bill and all of the Members of Jarrow Grange Lodge.

Stronger Together

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