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Surprise Surprise !!! | Durham Freemasons

Restoration Lodge had their second meeting of the year on Thursday 23 rd February 2023.  Shortly after opening the Lodge, two special visitors in the persons of The Provincial Grand Master, John Thompson, and his Director of Ceremonies, Martin Rankin arrived and were admitted to the surprise and delight of everyone present.  This was the first of John’s surprise visits in the province, and most certainly will not be the last.

The Lodge received an educational explanation of the First-Degree Ceremony by Ellis Leatherbarrow, who was assisted by other members of Restoration Lodge.

The evening continued at the Festive Board with another delicious meal provided by the caterers at Darlington Freemasons Hall.

When John responded to his toast, as Provincial Grand Master, he gave a fine reply highlighting the Insight Emails that are sent out monthly to all Durham Masons.  He also pointed out the wealth of information that is available through Solomon.  John reiterated the importance of looking after new lodge members, making them feel integrated and involved.  The Province of Durham intends to contact all members that have joined in the last six years to seek their thoughts and views.  John concluded that he had enjoyed this surprise visit and it is the first of many more that will occur throughout the province.

This concluded a great evening, enjoyed by all present, there was a good atmosphere coupled with excellent hospitality.

Who knows??   Your Lodge could be next on John’s visiting list.

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