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Sunderland City Heritage Action Zone Event | Durham Freemasons

Queen Street Masonic Hall (Phoenix Hall) once again opened its doors mid-refurbishment to the local community as part of the city’s Heritage Event on Saturday 23rd July 2022.

The event was a cross-city, multi-agency event that saw numerous historically important buildings open that door to show and demonstrate how they were all being preserved with a purpose to bring them back into the heart of the local communities and the city.

Onsite at Queen Street there were opportunities for everyone to be involved, making various items in the blacksmiths forge using traditional materials and techniques under the close supervision of a specialist heritage smithy. There were opportunities to work on sections of the random stone, working with traditional hot lime mortar.

This was particularly interesting as it’s part of the ongoing restoration of the building. Sections of brick wall construction and reconstruction techniques were undertaken by visitors and local residents – all techniques and materials will be incorporated into Queen Street Masonic Hall, there for the next 250 years.

The new sliding sash windows to be included in the building were weighted by their volunteers and again, this will remain in place and be incorporated into the building – all fantastic examples of Freemasonry in the Community.

The community were actively involved in restoring our Grade 1 Listed Building, under the supervision of Historic England, knowing their contribution will not be undone but incorporated into the Freemasons Hall – forming and reinforcing local links between freemasonry and its setting within Sunderland.

The restoration apprentice, currently working on this project was at the forefront during the day, enthusiastically showing his work to all who were interested – a very proud young man showing his achievements that will be there for centuries to come.

The event closed at 4:30pm after what was celebrated as a heritage success across the city.

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