St Lawrence L6042

Who are we?

One of the “newer” Lodges in South Shields we were Consecrated on 9th June 1945; a history long enough for us to have established our own high standards and valued traditions.

What we do

We take great pride in the quality of ritual that we seek to deliver; knowing that the stories we convey to the candidates will create a lasting impression on them. By clearly communicating the principles of Freemasonry embodied in our ritual, we as members of St Lawrence will then seek to reinforce them to the initiates by the way we conduct ourselves both within and without the Lodge Room. We have a strong structure of fraternal visits within the Province and also an important annual sojourn to Scotland which is reciprocated.

Why join us?

St Lawrence Lodge has an eclectic mix of members consisting of those for whom it is their Mother Lodge, many who for various reasons have become joining members as a replacement for their own Mother Lodge and those who have come to see it as a “second home”. As such we bring a very broad spectrum of experience and connections that can only serve to enhance the experience of any new Mason who aspires to initiation into the Lodge. Our standards are high but our support mechanism is well tuned to welcome and cradle the initiates as they take their first regular steps within the Lodge and beyond.

When we meet

Second Thursday in January, February, March, April, May, October (Installation), November and December.


Joining fee: £90

Lodge subscriptions: £110

Typical dining fee: £10


facilities at South Shields Masonic Hall


Freemasons Hall, Ingham Street, South Shields, NE33 2DQ.

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall /// Additional information

Lodges that meet here


The Morrisons Car Park is available for free use after 1735 hours.


On foot from Mile End Road or Ocean Road, or via the Morrisons Car Park.


At the north of the building. Double step to door then level. Security doors inside with buzzer to request remote opening. Key Fobs available for members.


The Hall Management Committee maintains all emergency procedures for the Hall.


Two steps into the main entrance then both upper and lower floors are level. There is a lift within the bar area providing access to the facilities upstairs.


To the right of the main entrance and also in the west robing room.


Level floors both downstairs and upstairs. Bar/Dining downstairs, Robing Rooms and Chapter Room upstairs.


There are wide stairs in the main hallway and a lift in the bar.

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