St Helens L531

Who are we?

St Helens is the oldest lodge in Hartlepool formed in 1846, meeting in our own building at Regent Street on the Headland. 

We meet in a quaint and unique building which is nearly 200 years old.  

Our membership is made up of patriotic good men with an age range from 20’s to 90’s. It is a happy and convivial place to enjoy each other’s company through our Masonic principles of integrity, friendship, respect and charity. 

We are extremely well attended by both visitors and members alike.

In addition the lodge is an extremely safe place to come, free from criminal or anti-social elements or negative influences.

We are an extremely friendly, warm welcoming group who exclude no good man from participation in our order as long as they do not have criminal convictions.

We are not a religion and all faiths are welcome however we ask all members to refrain from discussing religion or politics to preserve the harmonious environment.  

*For clarity we a men only lodge however Lady masons do exist and information can be found at as to where they are based.

What we do

We enjoy our Freemasonry in all its aspects. We are not a secret society, but do have certain information we wish to keep to our members and therefore our activities are prescribed by the United Grand Lodge of England & the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham (the latter in which we are situated). Both of whom have their own websites containing information for interested parties. 

We are Freemasons with a common goal, to meet like minded people and enjoy each-others company. We strive to improve our lives and assist in a charitable capacity both locally and nationally.  

The most important part of any Masonic lodge is the enjoyment and fun that we have in each other’s company. At St Helens lodge you are promised the warmest of welcomes whether as a member or visitor, and we have no doubt you will enjoy our collective company.

Charity is arguably our most important quality and as a lodge we make frequent charitable donations to both local & National Charity. We having recently donated several hundred pounds to the Headland Boxing club, Local Boys Brigade and the Lab Gym/Alice House Hospice Childrens Christmas Toy appeal. In addition, we support the TLC Teddies scheme, The Great North Air Ambulance and both Hartlepool & Durham Masonic Benevolence committees on an annual basis. 

We also provide moral support to our members & their families in time of ill health, need or enforced absence trying to ensure no one is forgotten about.    

In addition to our more formal meetings, we have a number of social events per year, where wives, partners, significant others and friends are invited to join us. These events range from Fish & Chip supper with a singer & quiz in the dining room to Dinner Dances (also known as Ladies nights) in larger establishments.

Why join us?

We are a pro-active forward thinking dynamic lodge with a membership heavily involved in the aims & principles of Freemasonry. 

Whilst we fully respect the long-held traditions of our organisation we also embrace progress and welcome new ideas to improve our experience. 

Our membership reflects a wide cross section of society from both background and work perspective which enhances both our Masonic and social interaction immeasurably. 

We have no doubt you will enjoy our company; you will make numerous new friends and gain unique experiences. Most of all we hope you will enjoy Freemasonry, because we do! 

When we meet

1st Thursday of the month excluding August.

Meetings commence at 1900hrs with the exception of the installation in December which starts at 1730hrs. The length of time each meeting can take varies but usually consists of approximately an hour’s formal meeting.                                                                           

The meeting is followed by a meal which is also an important part of the Masonic experience. There is an expectation you stay for this where possible. This element of the evening concludes by 10.30pm. 

In addition, we have an “lodge of instruction “which currently meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month (excluding June, July & August) at 1900hrs. All masons are welcome irrespective of experience and there is a nominal membership fee of £5. This meeting including the meal following is no longer than 2.5 hours in total with the meal currently costing £3  


Joining fee: £64.00 – United Grand Lodge of England Registration – one off Fee 

£42.00 – Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham Registration – one off Fee 

£17.00 Charitable Foundation– one off Fee

Lodge subscriptions: £120 per year but are paid pro rata, i.e. decreasing by £10 per month depending on when an individual joins.

Lodge Subscriptions must be paid annually no later than October 1st whether you are able to attend lodge meetings or not.

Typical dining fee: £10 for 4 course meal comprising a starter, main course, sweet and cheese & biscuits.

Drink prices (both Alcoholic and Non) are extremely reasonable and far cheaper than local pubs. Drunkenness is highly discouraged & there is no pressure on you to partake in alcohol. 


facilities at St. Helens Masonic Hall


Regent Street, Hartlepool, TS24 0QN.

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall ///prune.walking.hugs Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


Parking is on street in the surrounding residential area. We encourage our members to be courteous to local residents in relation to where & how they park, and lift share where possible. 

In addition we request all attendees keep noise to a minimum when arriving & departing to ensure we retain a harmonious relationship with our neighbours. 


Either via satnav using TS24 0QN – Regent Street Hartlepool (We don’t have an official street number)

From the South (from the A19) follow the A689 towards Hartlepool, then follow signs to the Headland (if you keeping going straight ahead at every roundabout and set of lights you’ll get there). 

From the North follow the A179 (from the A19) then follow signs to the Headland (if you keeping going straight ahead at every roundabout and set of lights you’ll get there).

Local access is via Northgate, High Street & Church Walk turning right into Regent Street. The lodge is on the left approx. 100 meters along Regent Street.  


The Entrance to the lodge is opposite Regent Square Gardens opening direct onto the footpath. The kerbs are lowered so present little resistance to wheelchairs however there is a lowered kerb at the Church Walk end of Regent Street should access be an issue from that perspective.


We have recently bid for a defibrillator via the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham which if successful will service both the Masonic Hall and the wider local community.   

The Lodge is less than 3 miles from an urgent care centre and a number of members are first aid trained. 


Access is via the footpath on Regent Street. Double doors allow access for less abled & wheelchair users with the toilets & dining room based on the ground floor. The first-floor lodge room is accessed via a wide staircase with a banister and a stairlift is also available.

A Wheelchair is also available should it be needed. 


Toilets are situated on the ground floor and are DDA compliant. Male toilets comprise one cubicle and 5 individual urinals. The ladies’ toilets comprise 2 cubicles with accompanying vanity units.

There is a single toilet cubicle on the first floor. 


The building is nearly 200 years old and is best described as quaint & historical. It is centrally heated, and seating is comfortable holding up to 70 people in both the Lodge room and dining room. We have a small well stocked bar and the current steward works wonders from the galley Kitchen to feed the assembled brethren. We have a piano for musical accompaniment when singing the national anthem etc.

The building has good acoustics and at present we have not found the need for a hearing loop but this is in consideration to ensure everyone can hear clearly.


The lodge room on the first floor is accessed via a wide staircase with a banister and a stairlift is also available.

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