Ryton Holy Cross L4231

Who are we?

Ryton Holy Cross Lodge has existed since 1921 and has recently celebrated its centenary.  Along with all other lodges around the country we are committed to the principles of  Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity. Membership is open to all like-minded men, irrespective of race, colour or creed and offers the opportunity to join us to build character, enhance confidence and nurture a feeling of fellowship and belonging. 

What we do

Our regular meetings revolve around our members, whilst trying, always to offer the opportunity of helping other to join us. There is usually a meal following our meeting with ample opportunity for fellowship and friendship.

Why join us?

Ours is the oldest Lodge in Ryton with a strong history of pride in what we do and what we offer. Whilst many of our members are retired, we strive to ensure that younger members have opportunities to be as involved as their working and family life allows. 

When we meet

2nd Monday every month, except August and September. Installation meeting October.


Joining fee: £50

Lodge subscriptions: £135

Typical dining fee: £10 – £12


facilities at Ryton Masonic Hall


Blackhouse Lane, Ryton, Tyne and Wear, NE40 3AE.

Hall information

Directions Google Maps W3W ///dizzy.career.lows Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


Ample parking is available on site and good public transport links are close.


Long ramp to front entrance and level access to lower floor. 


Wide door, level entrance.


Upper floors have external fire escapes with stairs. But abled bodied members would always assist in emergencies.


Our meeting place is on multiple levels but is accessible by use of ramps and stairlifts. Masons are known for their resourcefulness, so access issue are seen as opportunities not obstacles.


Accessible toilet. 


No internal ramps. Rest chair available. Hearing loop in the temple. Dining room and tables are wheelchair accessible.


Stair Lifts to meeting room. All stair and fire escapes have banister rail to one side.

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