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The Royal Arch Festival month came to an end on Thursday 18th April at Shildon Masonic Hall.

Babington Boulton Chapter No. 1121 played host to the final event ‘Adding More Theatre to the Principal Sojourners Story”.

In attendance was the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent, together with a full deputation of acting Provincial Offices on this their last visit of this masonic year.

The Chapter was opened by the three principals and after the minutes were confirmed, the Provincial Director of Ceremonies was announced at the door.

The Provincial officers processed into the Chapter, followed by the Grand Superintendent who was then introduced to the three principals.

The next business of the evening was to exalt Brother John Abraham of Tristram Lodge No. 2415, and during the ceremony the Provincial team presented “Adding More Theatre to the Principal Sojourners Story”.

After the ceremony everyone retired to the festive board.

In response to his toast the Grand Superintendent thanked the acting Provincial officers for all their support over the past year and wished them well for the future.

He continued that in total there had been 10 events held over the Royal Arch Festival Month, starting back in March with the Keystone Connection, followed by the Ceremony of the Veils, Talking Heads, Royal Arch Roadshows and Adding More Theatre. He hoped that all of these events had helped to prove to brethren that the Royal Arch is a wonderful order to be a part of.

The Grand Superintendent then presented the newest exaltee Companion John with the Provincial mentoring card for the Royal Arch, advising him to scan the QR code to find out more about the Royal Arch.

He then concluded by hoping that everyone that could make it would attend the Annual Convocation of Provincial Grand Chapter on Saturday 18th May at the Fed, Dunston. If you wish to dine tickets are available on ticket tailor through the following link.

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