Quest L7102

Who are we?

Quest Lodge No7102 was consecrated in 1952 as a special interest lodge for the scouting fraternity and is based on both Masonic and scouting principles. 

All of our founders were active scout leaders. The Lodge was named after the Quest Rover Crew which existed in Sunderland at that time.  Quest Lodge Is a founding lodge of the Kindred Lodge Association (an association of 37 scouting, Boys Brigade and other youth affiliated lodges).

We are a friendly and enthusiastic lodge who still follow the principles of our founders by maintaining standards in our ceremonies, whilst enjoying the dining room experience through friendship and harmony at every meeting.

We have fraternal visits to other lodges within the area most months, where we are made very welcome. We also have a close relationship and enjoy reciprocal visits with Fawcett Lodge and Lodge Stewart who also hold their meetings at Seaham Masonic Hall.

At our September meeting we invite our own and visiting brethren, who are entitled, to wear their scout uniform. It is during this meeting when we celebrate our connection with the Scout Movement. We pride ourselves on the strong origins of scouting in this area.  A little know fact is that the first official troop as pointed out in the Imperial and therefore the Sunderland records show Vaux Own as the first scout troop formed from the ‘Grindon Camp’. This initial experimental camp was in effect the birthplace of the whole scout movement, a fact that many Wearsiders may not appreciate.

What we do

Our members have always been extremely active within the community in general but more particularly in youth work much of which is done voluntarily. Our members are active in; professional bodies and learned societies, local community, charities and places of worship and of course the Scout Movement as warranted leaders or support workers. Quest Lodge prides itself on being a friendly happy lodge and we care greatly for the welfare of our Brethren and their families. Members proudly support both masonic and non masonic charities by employing the skills and resources at their disposal.

Quest Lodge is held on the 1st Tuesday of the month. We follow ‘emulation’ working in our ceremonies and take pride in achieving a high standard of masonic ritual within a supportive environment. We hold a practise lodge on the Monday following our meeting where members can learn and practice their ritual in a relaxed and less formal situation. Our Lodge Mentor and other experienced members are always available to give advice and guidance if required. Although our freemasonry is important, ensuring balance is essential and commitments of family and work will understandably take precedence over masonic duty.

We have a history of supporting our members and their families through the most challenging of times. Our Lodge Almoner looks out for Freemasons who have fallen ill and to act as a source of support and contact for widows of deceased members over the festive season.

Why join us?

We are a friendly, enthusiastic and inclusive Lodge and welcome men from all walks of life who follow the principles of our founders through maintaining standards in ceremonies whilst enjoying the dining room experience through friendship, brotherhood and harmony at every meeting.

Our members share many common interests including youth organisations as well as supporting many charitable causes. Members families and friends attend social evenings and Christmas celebrations.  Our Annual Ladies Night is held at The Ramside Hotel, in Durham. This night is to celebrate our Masonic year, where over 130 guests attend, from Masonic Lodges throughout the country, donning their finest ball gowns and tuxedos.   

Although Quest Lodge 7102 was originally founded as a Scout Lodge its has evolved over the years. Our membership now covers a range of men with many different backgrounds and occupations. With an age range of 36 years to 91 years, many of our current members have no connection with the scouting movement. 

When we meet

1st Tuesday of the Month, February to June and September to December. Our Installation is in February.

Our Scout Uniform meeting is in September.

Our Ladies Night is held in January.


Joining fee: £76.80

Lodge subscriptions: Members £220.00 per annum, Country Members £100.00 per annum.

Typical dining fee: £12.00 (Three course meal).


facilities at Seaham Masonic Temple


North Road, Seaham, Co. Durham, SR7 7AA

Hall information

Directions Google Maps Hall ///list.fallen.pushy Additional Information

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Small onsite car park for 6 cars, designated for disabled, immediately in front of temple. Ample car parking along seafront.


Short, tarmacked surface up to front entrance with step up and access to ground floor.


Double door porch with step up to ground floor level, doorbell. There is a ramp for wheelchair access from the onsite car park into the ground floor area.


Emergency exit from ground floor bar area to onsite carpark.

There is no emergency exit from the temple level.

There is an emergency chair for disabled people.


The age and design of the Masonic Hall does present some accessibility challenges and regrettably it is currently classed as only ‘partly accessible’. There is a slight internal step at the main entrance and the entire ground-floor area (including toilets) is wheelchair accessible.


Accessible toilets ( ground/Temple level ).


Ground floor level – flat surface throughout. 


First floor – Temple access via stair lift (some steps before and after using the stair lift. Handrail on one side of stairs.

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