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Queen Street Masonic Hall – Heritage Open Day

Saturday 9th September 2023 saw another fantastic event as Queen Street Masonic Hall once again opened its doors to the general public as part of the Tyne and Wear Heritage Week arranged by Historic England.

The day saw guests from across the northeast visit the hall to be enlightened on the intriguing history of the building and its hidden features. Some discussion around the resident spirits said to be found in the building (not behind the bar), tours behind the scenes, and an insight into Freemasonry in general with colourful regalia from all forms of degrees and orders on display to stimulate interaction.

Detailed information was on display and available to take away on Freemasonry in the Community, the Durham Benevolence Charity, and the great work of the TLC. Great conversations were held and new friendships formed over a relaxed cup of coffee and a tour of the building. Plans are already taking shape for the next event.

Stronger Together

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