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Provincial Wand Dedication

The Provincial Grand Master, John Thompson, led a full deputation of Officers to Liddell Lodge in Dunston on Thursday the 23rd of November. In a packed lodge room, the Master of the lodge, Keith Musgrove, welcomed John and his Team into the lodge and expressed his wish that they would all enjoy a pleasant evening together.

The Master of the lodge, Keith, invited the Team to take to the floor and proceed with presentations as they deemed fit. The first item was for the Provincial Grand Chaplain, Julian Ward, to perform a ceremony of dedication to the newly acquired wands as used by the Director of Ceremonies Team while performing their duties for the Province.

Julian gave an entertaining and thought-provoking introduction and brief history of the use of wands throughout the ages as used by Royalty, Parliament, the Churches, and many other orders. The dedication which followed was sincere and can be read in full by using the following link


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