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Provincial Learning and Development Officer | Durham Freemasons

Dear Brethren / Companions.

With the advent of the Members’ Pathway, it is important that as a Province we have a clear and consistent message regarding our learning and development both for our Province and for our membership. As a Province we need to galvanise our membership through our Lodges and Chapters by looking inwards and planning our future to ensure we have a vibrant membership going forwards.

It gives me great pleasure to announce WBro David Sanders Hay PProvAsstGM as the new Provincial Learning and Development Officer. David is a very experienced Freemason who has held senior roles within our Province and I’m sure he will bring that knowledge and experience to this role.

This is a new Provincial role and I wish David every success as he starts to engage with our members. David’s first task will be to host lodge planning workshops and Lodge Membership Officers will have recently received questionnaires to enable David and his team to take the pulse of our Province. Please ensure your membership takes part and contributes to the future success of our Province.

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