Re-engage Inactive Members

A resignation is often preceded by periods of absence, relative to the individual’s normal pattern of attendance. Therefore, a break in pattern and reduced attendance is a warning sign of possible issues, whether they relate to reduced interest, dissatisfaction or a change of personal circumstances.

It makes sense for Lodges to monitor individual attendance, and to make enquiries if absences vary or increase from their normal pattern.

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Share your success with The Province

Re-engage Inactive Members

The Members’ Pathway team is currently collecting examples of how lodges have attracted, introduced and encouraged potential new members, whilst at the same time retaining and adding value to the existing membership.

These examples will be published here to recognise the great work done throughout the Province and to help provide inspiration to other Lodges.

If you have any suggestion of strategies, events or training that have produced positive results for your Lodge please share them with the Provincial Pathway Team.