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Organ transplant  | Durham Freemasons

How many masons does it take to move an organ?

Five at most – a van man, two to carry the organ and an extra two to lift into the van.

On Sunday 12 February there were seven volunteers to move the organ from Burnopfield Masonic Hall, now successfully installed in St Aidan Freemasons Hall Blackhill.

Paul Heatherington  of St Aidan Lodge there to assist……. kindly recorded the mammoth move, stated: “I was there to assist and I did, I carried the glass for the organ music!”

A big shout out to the volunteers whose efforts we are sure will be greatly appreciated by all at Blackhill, John Johnson Coronation Lodge, Peter Hough Vulcan Lodge, Trevor Simmons Benfeldsyde Lodge, David McGeorge Vulcan Lodge, Jeff Hird Derwent Lodge, and  Keith Walker St Aidan Lodge.


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