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Ron Clarke celebrates 90 years


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We may be currently unable to meet for any official masonic meetings at the moment with the restrictions in place due to the Pandemic but this doesn’t stop the spirit of masonry for any of us. Ron Clarke who is a well-known Darlington mason and a member of Dunelm and Commercial Travellers lodge celebrated his 90th birthday this month (7th Feb.). The brethren of Commercial Travellers lodge and Dunelm lodge hatched a plan to make sure Ron knows that he is in their thoughts despite being able to get together physically. Ken Tait from Dunelm lodge orchestrated the idea to have a special masonic cake made in celebration of Ron’s birthday and to make it all happen liaising with Jonathan Stapley and Graham Wharton, whose wife very kindly made the cake which features a very detailed “little Ron” sat in a chair on the chequered carpet.

Ron resides in the Grange Care home in Darlington, who specialise in dementia care, and still manages to make it to most meetings.  This is made possible by the thoughtful and caring support of Jonathan and Ken who go early to collect him and drive him to the Darlington Masonic Hall, before returning him home after what is always a very enjoyable evening. Many happy returns Ron from all of your masonic friends in the Province of Durham.

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