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The Provincial Grand Master John Thompson took a deputation of his Officers to visit Lodge of Industry in Gateshead on Monday 23rd January. John was keen to support the oldest Lodge in the Province of Durham, having been in existence for nearly 300 years.



The lodge room looked splendid with 70 brethren in attendance and the Worshipful Master, Dr Anthony Thomas Richardson, enlightened them all with a talk entitled “ The early history of Masonry and the development of the Lodge of Industry “, which you can read in full by using the following link.



link   Early History



The festive board was enjoyed by all present and in his reply to his toast the PGM made special reference to his commitment to embrace the UGLE strategy for 2022 and beyond, to ensure Freemasonry in Durham is fit for the membership and helps to attract and retain members. In this respect it is important to maintain tradition and history and the Lodge of Industry like many others may have to adapt and change to be viable in the future. John also thanked the brethren for their exceedingly kind donation of £200.00 to Durham TLC.



May the future be bright.

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