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New Learning and Development Initiative | Durham Freemasons

The Provincial Grand Master is pleased to announce the launch of a new Learning and Development initiative.

David Hay, the Provincial Learning and Development Officer, together with David Frew, Head of Learning and Development for the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge, have worked closely to provide a series of masonic “Nuggets”, sometimes known as “Solomon Shorts”. These are short but fascinating pieces of masonic information which can be inserted into a ceremony easily to entertain and inform Brethren, without detriment to the length or quality of ritual.

When delivered properly, they always prove to be a genuine enhancement to a masonic evening. Each “Nugget” is derived from UGLE’s Solomon, can be printed on simple cue-cards, and each takes about a minute to deliver.

For example, have you ever wondered what the four tassels at the corners of a lodge floor or carpet mean? Do you know why a Candidate strikes the shoulder of the Wardens before the Wardens speak during the initiation ceremony?

A team of Provincial Grand Stewards, under the direction of David Frew, has been formed to deliver these “Nuggets” on request by lodges. In due course, it is hoped and intended that new members will wish to deliver them on their own within their own lodges, thereby encouraging their engagement, building their confidence , and enlarging the scope of their masonic knowledge.

If you would like to learn more about this new initiative, or to invite one of the Provincial Stewards to come to your lodge to deliver some “Nuggets”

Please contact: David Frew, Provincial Grand Steward at


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