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“Look at Me” | Durham Freemasons

Down’s Syndrome North East (DSNE) is a registered charity run entirely by volunteers, who help and support people with Down’s syndrome and their families covering the North East area.

DSNE are busy creating a booklet “LOOK AT ME” which is to be given out freely in Baby Boxes to parents with newly born Down’s syndrome babies and to Primary and Special Needs Schools. The boxes give parents information about the genetic condition and what to expect in the early months and years. There are also contact details for support groups, as well as gifts of clothes, toys, and books for the baby.

“Look at me” is the culmination of a five-year project and contains photos and articles highlighting the vast array of activities that children and young adults with Down’s syndrome have become involved in. The aim is to show the children, parents, and the whole community that having Down’s syndrome doesn’t mean a child cannot have a fulfilling life and make a positive contribution to all our lives.

DSNE applied to the Freemasons of Durham for a Community Support Grant to help fund the creation and printing of the “LOOK AT ME,” booklet. Representing the Durham Freemason’s Benevolent Committee, Duncan Maw was pleased to present a certificate to DSNE Chair, Sue Belton and her son Prentice to accompany a received £1,000 grant.

Sue said “we are really grateful for the assistance from the local Freemasons as “LOOK AT ME” will have a major impact on the parents and the children themselves who can see what others can and have achieved. Also, it is vital that everyone realises what a fantastic contribution people with Down’s syndrome can make to society and begin to break down everyone’s perception of what they can do and achieve. It is this perception that is one of the major limits on our children’s achievements”.

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