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“Lift” for Trinity | Durham Freemasons

Trinity Methodist Church in Spennymoor Co. Durham serves the local community, not only as a place of worship but as the hub of many local activities. They operate the Trinity Foodbank run in partnership with other local churches, facilitated by Durham Christian Partnership and a number of different agencies, such as Citizens Advice, Children’s Centre’s and Health Visitors.

They also run a small clothing bank so that people in need can obtain suitable clothing, a community outreach program for all ages where they offer help for people to complete job applications, print their CV’s or complete benefit claims etc. A bad debt advice centre and a home group offering support with housing operates within. Space is also allocated to the local Scouts and Brownies.

The church is a typical Victorian chapel, originally dedicated in 1869. It has been extensively renovated (largely by the members) and was rededicated in 1982. They have one part-time Minister and 18 Volunteers who manage the activities. The spiritual part of the church is situated upstairs and has been accessed for many years by a lift, but of late the lift has been condemned thus excluding access for all. The Church members and local community have raised £37,000 towards to cost of having a new lift installed.

The Church Treasurer, Shelly Richardson and her husband John, Church steward and Safeguarding Officer had been advised by Freemasons who attend the Church to apply for a grant to the Durham Freemasons Benevolent Committee.

Freemason Stan Hunter was delighted to attend the Church and present Shelly and John with a certificate to go along with a £2,500 Community Support Grant donated by the Freemasons of Durham. Shelly said the loss of the lift was having a huge effect on the church for those with limited access ability, especially at times of funerals or larger gatherings but they can now look forward to the installation of the new lift. They send a huge thank you from the local church community to the Durham Freemasons for this wonderful donation.

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