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Lifelites Magic | Durham Freemasons

Each year the “Lifelites” charity raises funds to provide cutting-edge technology for children using hospice services right across the British Isles. The freemasons are huge supporters of this charity and the Province of Durham more than plays its part.

The bespoke packages of technology depend on a tailored assessment of the needs of each hospice.  Each package is worth around £46,000.00 and has a lifespan of 4 years. Lifelites returns to each hospice every 4 years with a brand new package of the latest technology.

A representation of Durham freemasons were invited to Butterwick House Hospice in Stockton to view first hand the joy that Lifelites donated technology brings to the children and also where a new package of technology was due.

John Watts the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, who was accompanied by Andrew Thompson and Duncan Maw, arrived at the Hospice, where they were warmly welcomed by Sam and Jo, who conducted them around the hi tech Childrens facilities and introduced them to the amazing staff who look after the children.

A heart warming experience by all present.

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