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Liddell Lodge Visit

The Full Team visit to Liddell Lodge in Dunston on Thursday 23rd November was well represented and the Master of the lodge, Keith Musgrove, welcomed all present and hoped the evening would be enjoyed by everyone.

The Provincial Grand Chaplain, Julian Ward, performed a dedication ceremony for the Provincial Wands which has been covered in a previous post.

The Provincial Grand Mentor, Gaurav Jamnadass, gave a short presentation as to the way in which mentoring was progressing in the Durham Province before introducing the Provincial Grand Membership Officer Jamie Rielly.

Jamie started his presentation by explaining the structure of Grand Lodge and Supreme Grand Chapter’s vision for growing our membership numbers.  This was followed by how Durham will be adopting the Members Pathway with Jamie reassuring the lodge room that the Pathway is to be embraced and not to be feared.  Most lodges already engage well with the principles of the strategy and as such they will hopefully see growth.  The presentation centered around the mantra of enjoyment of our Masonry and the importance of being able to try new initiatives.

Rak Bhalla concluded the presentation with a summary of all that had been expressed beforehand and a hope that all masons would benefit from the new initiatives,

The meal wich followed was enjoyed by all and the formal toast were observed and when appropriate duly responded to. The Provincial Grand Master , John, in his reply thanked the lodge most sincerely for the welcome received, and for the cheques presented to him in the lodge room, as donations to charity.


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