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Launch of Cornerstone North East.

On Friday 8th December 2023 Civic Lodge No5841 met at Burdon Road Sunderland to carry out a Third Degree ceremony for Brother Simon Walker. It was also an occasion at which the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VWBro Michael Graham was leading a small deputation of Provincial Officers to mark the launch of the Cornerstone North East. The Durham Cornerstone is a vibrant social and educational network aimed at our Light Blue Masons.

Their journey with Freemasonry starts from the day of their initiation and they become part of The Durham Cornerstone from day one. It extends across the entire geographic area of the Province of Durham but due to differences in geography, culture and distance, our Province is varied, and this is recognised in its structure. As a result, The Durham Cornerstone is sub divided into four semi-autonomous regional committee led areas, the NE, SE, SW, and NW.

The Durham Cornerstone will look to foster an environment where new Brethren can become Engaged in the life of the Province, Discover more about our organisation, Explore their early years in Masonry and Develop as Masons. The Cornerstone is a space to encourage inclusion, involvement, and development by engagement through social events for members, non-members their partners and families. They are encouraged to discover all aspects of Masonry through visits to Masonic themed attractions, talks and events as well as visits to Lodges and Chapters. We will also put on learning and development events throughout the year to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence.

Civic Lodge did indeed rise to the occasion and put on a spectacular event. Not only do they have all light blues on the ladder, those same Light Blues conducted the ceremony taking on pieces usually reserved for Past Masters. In fact, there was only one Past Master involved in a small portion of the ritual the whole evening. A truly impressive event.

At the Festive board the Deputy Provincial Grand Master praised Civic Lodge for its vision and foresight in keeping its members engaged, a great example of the Members’ Pathway in action.

If you are a Light Blue and we haven’t already made contact with you, you can get in touch by speaking with your Mentor or Lodge/Chapter Visiting Support Officer who will be happy to support you. Alternatively, the contact details for each of the four areas are shown. If you are not sure which is your area don’t worry. Contact us via any of the emails shown and we will connect you to the right person.

Stronger Together

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