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Lambton Lodge Celebrates 200th Anniversary

Lambton Lodge celebrated its 200th Anniversary on Friday 26th April, at Durham Masonic Hall.

The Lodge was constituted on the 20th April 1824 as a Private Lodge for John George Lambton and his close friends – the Grand Master, HRH Duke of Sussex being its first member. Following HRH first official visit to the Province and the decision to form Lambton Lodge, the Grand Master gave his approval and permission to wear a special medal of distinction to mark the occasion.

The ProvGM, John Paul Thompson and a delegation of 15 provincial officers were among the 92 Brethren who met to celebrate the 200th Anniversary.  On this special occasion the ProvGM wore the magnificent gold and diamond ProvGM jewel presented in 1834, to John George Lambton by eight Durham Lodges, including Lambton Lodge.

The first Minutes of the lodge were read by the Secretary, WBro Stan Fitches.

During the meeting a cheque for £2,000.00 was presented to the ProvGM to be donated to the 2032 Festival. 

E Comp Adam Lamb on behalf of the Companions of Lambton Royal Arch Chapter, presented two magnificent Wardens Columns to mark the 200th anniversary  and  WBro Leonard Barrett presented a new Minute book to mark his 70th anniversary as a Freemason.

Bro James Beedle presented a cheque for £379.00 to be given to The Durham Freemasons Charity being the amount donated at his grandfather’s funeral.

The meeting was concluded by WBro Tom Coulson who gave a very interesting and informative address  entitled “Lambton”.

Every member in attendance was presented with a book entitled The History of Lambton Lodge, written  by WBro Tom Coulson in three parts, John George Lambton – the Man:  The story of Lambton Lodge: and the reason why members wear the Royal Sussex Medal.   

Later at the Festive Board a six course meal was served, including Tripe, based on the  Lodge’s 150 anniversary  menu in 1974.

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