Durham Provincial Grand Stewards L9833

Who are we?

The Durham Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge was consecrated in 2007, and is considered a Lodge of privilege as members are selected by the Provincial Grand Master from those Past Masters who have been granted advancement to the rank of Past Provincial Grand Steward. As a member of the Lodge, members will usually retain membership for 6 years and work closely with the Provincial Executive to deliver initiatives across the Province. This is a working Lodge and as such, does not confer any degrees however our meetings are held with the same decorum as all other Craft Lodges. Our meetings work as any other Craft Lodge but are centred around progress reports and updates relating to those Provincial initiatives as well as any other fulfilling work delivered by the Stewards on behalf of the Province.

What do we do

As outlined above, we work closely with the Provincial Executive to support the Provincial Grand Lodge of Durham and assist in delivering their initiatives. We are at the heart of the Province and our duties are vast and very rewarding. We have 3 teams within the Lodge:

Director of Ceremonies Team – This team works with the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and accompany the representatives of the Provincial Grand Master on their official visits to Installation meetings throughout the whole Province. Team members are divided into four geographical regions of the Province with responsibility for Lodge Installations within each of those regions.

Learning and Development Team – This team work closely with the Provincial Learning and Development Officer to deliver Learning and Development initiatives across the Province and aims to educate, instruct, and assist all lodges to increase their Masonic knowledge. They are on hand to enrich Lodge meetings and ultimately to support Lodges in delivering their own Learning and Development needs.

Operations Team – This is the generalist team who lead on delivering the many and varied tasks required by Province. This team supports the Director of Ceremonies Team and the Learning and Development Teams enabling them to fulfil their roles but take primacy when assisting the Provincial Grand Secretary and the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies to plan, co-ordinate and deliver the Provincial Annual General Meetings for both Craft and Chapter. During these meetings, you will see members from across the Lodge undertaking a wide range of duties from the collection of Lodge Furniture, setting up, meeting and greeting, car park management, registration, merchandising and close down. A vital role is to oversee the welfare of all those in attendance, providing care, support and attention should the need arise. Other roles within this team include communications, and equipment management, transport, and table planning.

Why join us?

As a member of a Lodge, each year members are selected to join the Provincial Stewards Lodge.

When we meet

The Lodge meets at Durham Masonic Hall, 36 Old Elvet, Durham. DH1 3HN and hold regular meetings on the Fourth Wednesday in April, First Thursday in July, and Fourth Tuesday in October.


Joining fee: £

Lodge subscriptions: £

Typical dining fee: £


facilities at Durham Masonic Hall


36 Old Elvet, Durham, Co. Durham, DH1 3HN

Hall information

Directions Google Maps W3W ///book.wallet.lungs Additional Information


Parking is on the street outside the building, and it can on occasions be busy but it is free and generally available.


The approach is level off the pavement.


Wide wheelchair accessible doors.


The Hall is also equipped with a defibrillator and has Emergency exits across all floors of the building.


The hall is accessible for those with limited mobility with a combination of lift and stair lifts.

Many of our meeting places were built before disabilities were fully considered; many have protected status making major adaptations difficult. But Freemasons in themselves will adapt and assist Brethren, and visitors, to fully participate and enjoy the facilities.


The Hall is equipped with Male/female and disabled toilet facilities.


A grand entrance leads into a hallway which runs through the heart of the building past the grand staircase to the great hall. The Hall itself has a modern bar, fully functioning commercial Kitchen, a three-tier garden ideal for summer socials and functions as well as a first-floor committee room and Temple room to seat 100. 


There is lift and stair lifts in the building.

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