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It’s a Small World Out There | Durham Freemasons

Mavin Macauley of Ryton Holy Cross 4231 and up until recently an active member of the Membership Committee for the Durham Province took up an appointment at the University in Auckland, New Zealand.

After a period of settlement, he made a visit to one of the local lodges and found the company welcoming. On further discussions, he was introduced to their Membership Officer of the District Grand Lodge of North Island, New Zealand, John Robinson of Lodge of Harmony 2180

They highlighted the following:

Making freemasonry visible in the community can benefit membership

Considering the modern lifestyle of “young men” is vital to maintaining membership

Encouraging younger brethren to do ritual with excellent mentorship aids retainment. For e.g. Mavin witnessed an excellent presentation of the apron by an E.A.

and of course, communication is essential for progression

The district was very supportive to their brethren during lockdown period of the COVID-19 pandemic. In one instance the district provided accommodation, food, social support for a few brethren who lost their jobs.

During the discussion, “Solomon” was identified as a learning aid for masons. Mavin and John highlighted the importance of digital platforms and social in achieving desirable outcomes of masonic membership. Additionally, they identified that understanding attrition rates and addressing them appropriately was crucial to addressing the issues with masonic membership. Overall, the discussion was positive and the district is on course to achieve their target in the next 5 years.

John Robinson was most appreciative of the work Mavin had done.  Summary comments from this discussion was forwarded to the District Grand Master for the North and South Island District Grand Lodges for consideration. One of these included the development of the role of a lodge mentor in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Forging new friendships is always a good thing!

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