Hammurabi L9606

Who are we?

Hammurabi Lodge No9606 was formed in 1996 and was originally situated at Old Elvet,
Durham City, but moved to Ferryhill in February 2018. The lodge is named after King
Hammurabi who ruled the Babylonian Empire from 1792 – 1750 BCE. One reason that
Hammurabi created his code of laws was because he was concerned with keeping order in his
kingdom. The word Memores Majorum loosely means “time honoured principals”. The
members of the lodge are predominately retired police officers so the lodge is aptly named.


What we do

Hammurabi Lodge is a group of Masons who like to meet with like-minded people and enjoy
other’s company. We are conscious of the local community and endeavour to support local
worthy causes when we can.

Why join us?

Originally membership was taken from police officers who were members of The
Northumbria, Durham and Teesside Constabulary’s. Over the years this has been relaxed and
we now take prospective members from the police and associated services, military, and
those who have been recommended by members.

When we meet

3rd Monday in February, April, August, October and December


Joining fee: £

Lodge subscriptions: £145.00

Typical dining fee: £13.00


facilities at Ferryhill Masonic Hall


35 North Street, Ferryhill, Co. Durham, DL17 8HX.

Hall information

Directions Google Maps W3W ///pump.lushly.reply Additional Information

Lodges that meet here


We have a large car park at the rear of the building, with ample parking. 


Long steady ramp to front & rear entrances and level access to ground floor.


Both front & rear entrances have large doors and easy access for all. 


Emergency exits from upper floor has steps but ramps and evacuation sheets when building in use.


Our Hall and Lodge room are future proofed, with a disabled lift installed and wheelchair access in all entrances within the building and disabled facilities.


Accessible toilet on all floors. 


We have internal ramps for wheelchair access. Rest chair available. Hearing loop in the temple. 

Dining tables are wheelchair accessible.


There is a large lift available to access the upper floor, where the Lodge room is located, and a small stairlift to the lodge room for the final 5 steps. 

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