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Guess who has just turned 75? | Durham Freemasons

On the evening of Friday10th June 2022, the brethren of Lodge of Benevolence met at Stockton Masonic Hall. This was a regular meeting with a Very Special importance – It was a meeting to celebrate their 75 th Anniversary with 86+ brethren in attendance. Including 54 visitors representing 24 lodges.

The evening started with a Mini team Deputation Visit led by the Andrew Moule. There was also a good turnout of acting officers joining him, and they were warmly welcomed into the Lodge Room.

Derek Cottle then gave a short history of Lodge of Benevolence, stating that the lodge, which is the daughter of Lodge of Philanthropy, first got its Warrant on 5th March 1947, and the lodge was then consecration on 31st May 1947 and held its first meeting 3 rd September 1947. Derek then read a collection of the lodges’ congregation documents he had been given by Louis Paine (who was a member of Benevolence for over 50+ years).

Derek then went on to talk about Benevolence lodge’s patron saint – St Martin of Tours. As well as being the lodge’s adopted patron saint, he is also the patron saint of many communities and organizations across Europe, including Blacksmiths, Town criers, Belt makers and Wine growers to quote a few of many. Derek also spoke about the lodge’s link to Martins House Children Hospice in Wetherby and Stockton Swimming club.

Chris Morgan, then presented a wooden plaque to James Langley, which had been created by his organisation, which runs workshops for veterans (which is inscribed with Lodge banner and motto ALTE PETAMUS (Let us aim high).James then presented Chris with a cheque from the lodge to help towards his organisation workshops. James then thanked Derek for his lodge history talk.

James then presented a cheque to Andrew Moule for £500 from the lodge and another cheque to the Stockton Masonic Hall board to Simon Jones.

The evening was finished off at the festive board, where everyone dining was given a small bottle of Malt Whiskey.

Martin Jameson – Thanked everyone one involved from the lodge including then chef, the waiting and the bar staff for tonight’s meeting and friendly welcome we have had upon arriving.

Paul Swansbury asked – What is Stockton famous for? (Railways and Friction Matches) He then spoke about events that happened when the lodge was consecrated (1947), 25 th (1972) and 50 year old (1997) anniversaries.

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